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Industrial Machine Favorite Notions

When I began sewing with an Industrial Sewing Machine, I had no idea what types of Tools, Supplies & Notions that I would need.  I already had a large assortment from sewing with my domestic sewing machine and thought that these notions and supplies would be about the same thing.  There is no doubt that I still use many of my original things from my domestic sewing machine days, but I wanted to share with you some of the new Industrial Sewing Machine Tools, Supplies & Notions that I discovered!

Industrial Sewing Machine Notions Tools and Supplies Collage

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Tools, Supplies & Notions – Stiletto

You may already have a stiletto in your notions drawer.  I love using this for precision sewing.  When you are attempting perfect top stitching, this little tool is very helpful to keep things in place.  Even though I have a walking foot machine, I find this tool very helpful to keep layers where I want them to be.  I also love the other end of the tool for pressing.  I make TONS of handles, straps and lanyard tape.  Using the side of this tool as a pressing aide has saved my fingertips from many iron burns!

Here is an informative video, from the creator of the ByAnnie’s Stiletto and Pressing Tool.


Tools, Supplies and Notions – Small Ratchet

Mini Ratchet Wrench Screwdriver Set

I’m not much of a tool person, but this mini ratchet wrench set comes in handy when you are trying to change your sewing machine feet.  I like its small, compact size.   This little guy can easily fit under the throat of my Industrial Sewing Machine when I want to take off the throat plate to do a little maintenance or cleaning on my machine.  I hide this tool from my husband, because I will never get it back!  It’s small and fits neatly in my side sewing table drawer!

Tools, Supplies & Notions – Brush Set

BrushesBrush Cleaning Set
When I cleaned my domestic sewing machine, I only had access to the bobbin area and around the needle.  With my Industrial Sewing Machine, I have access to maintain a larger amount of my machine.  These different sized brushes do the trick for those spots that you can’t reach with your domestic lint brush.  This brush set has all the sizes you need to get to those hard to reach areas.  I also keep these in my sewing drawer!  Handy and useful!

Tools, Supplies & Notions – Oil dropper

Sewing Machine Oil Dropper

My Industrial Sewing Machine came with a quart of oil and an oil dropper.  What I like about THIS  particular oil dropper is it’s small tip, which allows for precision drops.  Because I oil my machine on a regular basis, the last thing I want is an oily mess on my machine table or project.  These little dropper bottles give me more control over where I am dropping oil and how much oil I am applying.  Perfect!

Tools, Supplies & Notions – Thread Snips

Thread Snips

Truth be told… I have several of these. These are the cat’s meow for clipping your threads.  I have them around my sewing machines, in my travel sewing kits and I love to give them as gifts.  They are easy to use and this particular set has been keeping fairly sharp (considering the thickness of thread that I use).

I have purchased other thread snips, but have settled on this set of Thread Snips as my favorite!

Tools, Supplies and Notions – Thread Socks

I never even considered getting a thread sock until I started sewing with thread that is designed for Industrial Sewing Machines.  These thread socks are great for keeping that thread from spooling out and tangling.  In a pinch, I have heard of folks using a pair of panty hose.  Side question –  do people still wear panty hose since Oprah told us we didn’t have to anymore?

Here is a helpful video, by Superior Threads, to explain how to use thread socks.

Tools, Supplies and Notions – Thread


I was so excited when my Industrial Sewing Machine was first delivered.  After the machine was assembled, I realized that I didn’t have the right thread!  Then I discovered that the local big box store didn’t offer anything that would be a long term solution for me.  I was able to get a tiny spool of upholstery thread, but that was just about enough to fill my larger sized bobbin and get started on some sewing. Finding the right thread that would work with my projects was crucial!  I polled my peers in the various Facebook groups and came away with some choices.

I tried a couple different types and brands and found that I really liked a thread that Superior Thread offers.  Once I received my color card, the selection was easy to make!  I just matched my fabrics with the color of thread I needed.  I love matching or coordinating thread.  It’s the little details that can make something that is good, into something that is really great!

Superior Threads Color Card

Superior Thread’s industrial threads consist of sewing threads for upholstery and commercial sewing applications. Their bonded threads are available in a selection of seven thicknesses (sizes), three fiber types, and over one hundred colors. I exclusively use Bonded Nylon #69 and have had great success!  You can order directly from Superior Threads and you can even get them on Amazon!

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As a special treat, Superior Threads offered a

$25.00 gift certificate as a giveaway prize!

Superior Thread Giveaway 2

The winner of this contest has already been notified.  Thanks for commenting!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I would like to try the King Tut thread. I have heard that it is good for using with my Longarm. Loved the blog post. I subscribed and ordered some of those nifty brushes. Lord knows my machine could use a good cleaning!

    1. Jenny Dietzel says:

      I love King Tut verigated thread on the longarm to quilt my quilts. I would buy as many different colors of King Tut as I could with my gift.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway chance! I would love to win some thread for top stitching on my bags. What thread would you recommend for this? I don’t have an industrial sewing machine and currently use whatever is on sale at JoAnns. Thanks and I love your blog!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Hello Cassy, Thanks for commenting and for your question. I would recommend using a 40 wt thread for top stitching. If you have an Industrial Sewing Machine, I would recommend the Superior Brand Bonded Nylon #69. I love it! Happy Sewing!

  3. Brenda Haverty says:

    I use the thread socks and they are great! I ordered the stiletto. I always get my fingers really close to the needle (which I will probably regret someday)! I have never tried the superior thread on my Juki 8700, but would love the chance to win!

  4. Alicia Vickers says:

    those thread cards are great to have! I have the same machine as you and use a different brand of thread. If I won, I would try the bonded nylon – I think that would work well with the vinyl and cotton that I sew.

  5. Samantha Perskin says:

    if I won, I would chose some 50 wt thread. I am a quilter and love to have lots of color choices!

  6. Doris Wayfaire says:

    I love this blog series! I went to the website to see what thread choices they have. They sell fabric and notions too! This will be tough to decide! thanks for the chance

  7. i got me a brush set. i would like some metallic thread. thank you!

  8. Cathy Bredstone says:

    I have an industrial sewing machine and those little dropper bottles look like a good deal. I also miss my mark on oiling the points and it can get a little messy. I ordered a set and hope this will help me. If I win the giveaway – I would like to get a color card and some different colors of the bonded nylon. I only have white and black right now. thanks for the giveaway – I subscribed!

  9. I have enjoyed the King Tut thread, but would like to try others, and check out their notions, too!

  10. I would like to try some heavier weight threads asi do straight or slightly wavy quilting on my domestic sewing machine.

  11. I would try the ProLock in my serger. I would also purchase the fusible thread. I have heard great things about it!

  12. Robin Rodgers says:

    Wow! So many tools I’ve never seen. I like the thread snips. Thank you for all the information and chance for winning thread. Just been in our home about a year and I’m starting to sew again.

  13. Lacey Webster says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I will probably fill up my basket with silk embroidery floss because my library recently received a Janome Embroidery Machine, and I’d like to stock up on some materials for it. I’m also expecting a baby girl in September, so I’d like to make her a few things!

  14. Daniela Kirk says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole!! Happy Stitching!! And by the way I have your snippers, Tamera gave them to me to give to you.

  15. Christine M says:

    I just started learning how to FMQ on my domestic machine. I would purchase some fun colors to use.

  16. Diane Hulse says:

    I would love some 50wt variegated threads, I have used them in the past and they are wonderful to work with.

  17. I love Superior’s Bottom Line thread for use in my bobbin. I would get spools of that in some spring colors. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love Superior thread!

  18. Katie Pierce says:

    Love Superior Threads and their huge assortment!! Definitely makes it easy to one stop shop!

    1. Katie Pierce says:

      I would love to try their button hole thread

  19. Brenda King says:

    I’d love to win the $25 gift certificate from Sulky! I’d order as many of the beautiful colored threads that I don’t already own, as possible. Sulky makes such wonderful threads! : ) Brenda King, Bend, Oregon

  20. Cindy Henderson says:

    If I won I would select bonded nylon thread for sewing bags. I’ve heard many people highly recommend it.

  21. I’m so glad that I read this since I am considering getting and Industrial sewing machine. I had no idea you had to have different tools or thread. Thanks for the great info.

  22. Judith Clauss says:

    Terrific blog with great info. I would buy more industrial thread from Superior thead. I exclysively use their 92# poly to make leather bags on my Artisan 335 industrial cylinder arm.

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Congrats! You are the winner of my random drawing! Your info has been given to Superior Threads for the gift certificate! Happy Sewing!

  23. Norma Scott says:

    Thank you for the chance to win, im really not sure what i would use the gift card for, definitely some sewing notions.

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