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Favorite Foundation Paper Piecing Tools

Having the right Foundation Paper Piecing Tools is essential for taking your quilting skills to the next level. Whether you’re already familiar with Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) or considering giving it a try, these tools are game-changers. They make the process more efficient and open up a new world of creative possibilities. In this article, you’ll get the lowdown on must-have tools for any FPP project.

Favorite Foundation Paper Piecing Tools - assortment laid out

Add-A-Quarter Ruler

If you’ve been FPP’ing with a regular ruler, you know it can slip and slide all over the place. Enter the Add-A-Quarter Ruler.

Add-A-Quarter Ruler

This thing has a beveled edge that hooks onto your freshly creased seam, making it a breeze to trim a precise quarter-inch seam allowance. It’s a time-saver and a game changer. And yeah, you can snag one from my online shop.

Seam Roller

Got no time or space to plug in an iron? No worries. A seam roller has got your back.

It flattens out seams in no time and lives right beside my sewing machine. This tool is not just for FPP; it’s great for knocking out seams on any quilting project. Keep it handy; you won’t regret it.


Lightboards are no longer just for art class. I use one to make sure my fabric pieces are the right size before I start sewing.

It’s super helpful for fussy cutting, and some even come with a cutting mat on top. So, not only do you get to see what you’re doing clearly, but you also save space on your crafting table. This is available on Amazon, via my affiliate link:

Repositionable Glue Pen

Pins can be annoying and a tad dangerous if you’re not careful. That’s where a repositionable glue pen comes in.

Stick your larger fabric pieces in place without worrying about pins getting in the way or poking your fingers. When you’re done, the paper easily peels off without leaving any sticky residue. It’s a win-win.

Perfect Piecing Paper

Your typical printing paper isn’t going to cut it for FPP. I mean, you can use regular copy paper, but I recommend perfect piecing paper. Perfect Piecing Paper is thin, translucent, and tears away effortlessly.

Perfect Paper

Even if you don’t have a lightboard, this paper’s see-through nature is a big help. You can get these in packs of 50, and I’d say they’re a must-have.

Test Your Skills

Ready to put these tools to the test? Check out some of the FPP-friendly patterns available in my shop and let’s get quilting!

There you go! These are the tools that make my FPP projects a joy to work on. What are some of your favorites? Drop a comment below!


  1. wow! great tips!
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    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Hi Sheri! I’m so glad you found this helpful!

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