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Turntables Quilt Pattern

Turntables Quilt Pattern: Your Gateway to Modern Quilting Elegance. We’re excited to introduce you to an original masterpiece that embodies modernity and elegance in every stitch – the Turntables Quilt Pattern. This unique design, which combines curves, half-square triangles, and rectangle blocks, will help you create a stunning 56″ x 56″ quilt. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting out, this pattern opens the door to endless creative possibilities.

Turntables Quilt Pattern Design

The Turntables Quilt Pattern is a testament to modern quilting. Its innovative design incorporates graceful curves, the versatility of half-square triangles, and the simplicity of rectangle blocks, resulting in a visually striking quilt that measures 56″ x 56″.

Don’t Fear Curved Piecing

Fear not the curves; we’ve got you covered. There are two approaches to mastering curved piecing with the Turntables Quilt Pattern:

  1. Use Included Templates: Dive right into our easy-to-follow video tutorial on utilizing the included templates for smooth and precise curves. Access the tutorial for standard curved piecing HERE.
  2. Fabric Cutting System: Alternatively, you can opt for a fabric cutting system with our detailed video guide, ensuring your curves turn out just the way you want them. Access the tutorial for curved piecing (using a fabric cutting system) right HERE.

AccuQuilt Friendly!

Using an AccuQuilt cutting system isn’t mandatory for this quilt, but it’s a game changer for speeding up the process. The drunkard’s path blocks benefit significantly from THIS ACCUQUILT DIE, streamlining the cutting of curved pieces. Once you snag the pattern, you’ll find a bonus section detailing extra fabric requirements. A bit more fabric might be on the list, but for the sake of convenience in quilting, it’s a trade-off well worth considering. Don’t have an AccuQuilt? No worries – you can explore your options RIGHT HERE and see how it can elevate your quilting game.

Be Inspired with a Variety of Finishes Quilts

This pattern is all about customization. You can create a variety of stunning versions of the Turntables Quilt, including:

  • Rainbow: A burst of vibrant colors to infuse life into any space.
  • Muted Rainbow: For a more subdued ambiance, consider using muted tones for a serene effect.
  • Print Fabric: Unleash your creativity with your favorite printed fabrics, resulting in a quilt that’s uniquely yours.

Order your Copy

Ready to embark on this exciting project? You can order your pattern in two formats:

  • PDF Copy: Perfect for those who prefer digital convenience. Get your PDF copy HERE.
  • Paper Booklet Version: If you savor the tactile feel of a physical booklet, order your paper version HERE.

The Turntables Quilt Pattern blends modern design elements with user-friendly instructions, offering boundless opportunities for your creative journey. Whether you’re an experienced quilter or a beginner, this pattern is an invaluable addition to your collection.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your materials, follow our straightforward instructions, and get ready to craft a masterpiece that will leave your friends and family in awe. In the world of quilting, there are no limits to your creativity, and the Turntables Quilt Pattern is your canvas.

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