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Sweet Heart Block Fabric Trays

I’m sharing a delightful project, the Sweet Heart Block Fabric Trays, that combines practicality with quilting fun: fabric trays using our Sweetheart quilt block pattern. This Sweet Heart Quilt Block pattern offers four different block sizes, and I decided to experiment with three of them to create these charming trays.

Creating a Border

The journey begins with our Sweet Heart Quilt block. I added a neat border around it to give it a polished look. This step is crucial as it defines the tray’s final dimensions. I used my Juki DX-4000 QVP to assemble this project. My Oliso Smart Iron and my Ironmatik Ironing Board came in handy as well.

Preparing the Layers

Next, I prepared a backing fabric, identical in size to the bordered Sweet Heart quilt block, and cut a piece of scrap batting to match. Layering is key here: start with the batting at the bottom, then the backing fabric (right side up, wrong side against the batting), and finally, the quilt block on top (wrong side up). With everything aligned, I clipped the edges to hold the layers together. I marked a ‘no-sew zone’ to leave an opening for turning the tray right side out later. Sewing around the perimeter, excluding this zone, was a breeze.

Trimming and Turning

Before turning the tray right side out, I trimmed the corners to reduce bulk – a little trick to get those corners nice and sharp. A Purple Thang tool works wonders for pushing out the corners

Adding Snaps

Now, for the fun part – snaps! I used a snap set that I found on Amazon and LOVE IT! I marked where I wanted the snaps on each corner, about half an inch from the edge. Using a metal poker, I made holes through all three layers, then inserted the snap backings. Remember, for the heart to be inside the tray, attach the male and female snap pieces accordingly. The snapping tool made this step a snap (pun intended)!

The Final Touch

And there you have it – a cute, functional fabric tray! I’m planning to set one on my desk, filled with little hearts. Adorable, right? The Sweet Heart Quilt Block Pattern is the perfect start for this fun project!

Don’t Have a Snapping Tool? No Problem!

If you don’t have a snap set, you can simply sew the sides together. But, if you’re up for some extra fun, I highly recommend trying out these snaps. They come in a variety of colors and their uses seem endless!

These Sweetheart Block fabric trays are not only easy and enjoyable to make but also add a personal touch to any space. So, why not give it a try? Happy quilting!


  1. Lynne Priddle says:

    I needed a quick and cute project to make a little something for a friend and this will be the perfect one. Thanks!

  2. Thank You! I have these same snaps! I love this idea. I’ve made something similar with tie’s but I love 💕 the snap idea!

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