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You Have My Heart Quilt

I’m excited to share a heartwarming story about a quilt that’s more than just fabric and thread. It’s about “You Have My Heart,” a quilt made by my talented friend Kelly. Let me share how this quilt embodies the spirit of friendship and creativity.

The Journey Begins

Kelly named her creation “You Have My Heart”. Inspired by the ‘All My Heart‘ quilt block pattern that she worked on as one of my sample makers.

Displayed above are the sample blocks Kelly crafted for the launch of my All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern. Her knack for color and detail shines through in every piece. Kelly excels in photography, expertly matching her quilts with vibrant, fitting backdrops. Just take a glance at those quilt blocks – stunning!

Designing with Heart and Soul

Kelly’s approach to this quilt was nothing short of meticulous. Her tool of choice? Good old-fashioned graph paper, where she mapped out her vision.

The fabric line she selected was ‘Speckled‘ by Ruby Star Society, known for its rich texture and vibrant hues.

But Kelly didn’t just stop at picking beautiful fabric. She decided to go a step further by giving the quilt an unexpected modern twist with curved edges.

Innovative Binding Techniques

When it came time to bind this unique quilt, Kelly surprised me. Instead of the anticipated biased binding for the curved edges, she went with a straight binding.

In Kelly’s words: “Since the corners were so gentle and the Ruby Star Society fabric, speckled, is so soft, it went around the easy curve perfectly. I was prepared to redo it since I made the decision to round the corners after the binding was done but luckily I didn’t have to. 🤩”

Quilting with Passion and Precision

Kelly’s quilting journey didn’t end with design and piecing.

With her long arm, she brought ‘You Have My Heart’ to life. Employing a Sewing Shabby Quilting pantograph that added a unique texture to the quilt.

Unveiling the Masterpiece

Kelly proudly presented ‘You Have My Heart’ at a recent Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It was a special moment, with members appreciating the craftsmanship and design.

I was sad to miss this meeting. Especially since showcasing quilts is a highlight for me. But, I was delighted to hear about the positive reception Kelly’s quilt received.

A Quilt That Speaks Volumes

“You Have My Heart” is more than a quilt. It’s a story of inspiration, creativity, and the enduring bond of friendship. Kelly’s interpretation of the ‘All My Heart’ quilt block pattern into this stunning quilt showcases her extraordinary talent and heart.

I made Kelly’s ‘Not Your Basic Blue Bag’ pattern, which is available in several sizes!

I would love for you to learn more about Kelly. Kelly is known for her popular ‘Not Your Basic Blue Bag‘ pattern. I have made several of these fun and easy bags and plan to make more! You can also follow Kelly on Instagram!

A big thank you to Kelly – for the quilt, and for being such a remarkable friend.

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