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Free Motion Quilting Tools

Before I had a LongArm with a frame, I had my long-arm on a table. This model can be set at a lower setting (if you like to sit down), or at a higher setting (if you prefer to stand). I figured I did enough sitting, while I was piecing my quilt top together, so I opted to have my long arm situated in a standing position.

I remember when I first started using my sit-down model, Juki Miyabi 350 QVP-S , I didn’t know what kind of accessories that I would need!  Although I had experience using a Longarm Quilting Machine, I had never owned one before.    Let me show you some of my favorite tools & accessories that I used for Free Motion Quilting on my Juki Miyabi 350 QVP-S.

Nicole with J350

Needles and Thread

The needles that came with my machine are the brand Groz-Beckert.

They are simple to install in the machine and easy to take out of the needle case.  I like this brand because I use the same brand for my Juki Industrial DU-1181-n.  There are several codes and numbers listed on the front of the needle case.  I found this diagram, which helped me understand what all the numbers meant.

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One of the things I love about my Juki Miyabi 350 QVP-S is that it is not picky about the thread you use.  I have heard many seasoned quilters tell me that their machines will only perform well with a particular brand or type of thread.  With the Juki Miyabi, I have been able to use the thread I already have on hand.  I learned how to use the TOWA tension gauge to easily make adjustments.  It’s great to be able to use my existing thread stash!  As you can see, I have a large variety (especially Aurifil 50 wt).

Free Motion Quilting is fun! Let me show you some of my favorite tools & accessories for Free Motion Quilting. #ForBeginners #easy #FreeMotionQuilting #HowTo #quilt #Quilts #Quilting #ideas #modern #ToMake #Designs #Simple #Tutorial #quilting #DIY #Fabric #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

Bobbins and Bobbin case

I decided to purchase extra bobbins for my new Longarm Quilting machine.  Options are great and I and found that only having the standard 3 bobbins was not enough.  I also purchased an extra bobbin case and calibrated the tension for a 40 wt thread.  My other bobbin is used for any other type and I can change the calibration easily with the TOWA bobbin calibration device.

Free Motion Quilting is fun! Let me show you some of my favorite tools & accessories for Free Motion Quilting. #ForBeginners #easy #FreeMotionQuilting #HowTo #quilt #Quilts #Quilting #ideas #modern #ToMake #Designs #Simple #Tutorial #quilting #DIY #Fabric #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

Quilting feet attachments

My Juki Miyabi 350 QVP-S came with a standard Free motion presser foot used for free-motion sewing and ruler work.  With a distance of ¼” (6.5mm) from the needle entry point to the outer edge, I can use this presser foot for free motion quilting and to sew with a quilting ruler as a guide.

The Open Toe presser foot is for free-motion sewing and is open at the front so that the needle area is easy to see.  This presser foot is useful for quilting small designs or anytime visual of the needle area is needed.

The glide foot is a bowl-shaped type foot intended to be used for quilting when gliding along applique and other slightly three-dimensional embellishment.

Free Motion Quilting is fun! Let me show you some of my favorite tools & accessories for Free Motion Quilting. #ForBeginners #easy #FreeMotionQuilting #HowTo #quilt #Quilts #Quilting #ideas #modern #ToMake #Designs #Simple #Tutorial #quilting #DIY #Fabric #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

Accessories storage case

I needed a separate place to store my new accessories for my Juki Miyabi 350 QVP-S.  I didn’t want anything too big or bulky.  Just something to fit my needles, bobbins and various feet.  I found a totally functional see-through case that fits everything perfectly!  I even have room leftover for more bobbins and needles.  You can get your own Accessories Case on Amazon.

Free Motion Quilting is fun! Let me show you some of my favorite tools & accessories for Free Motion Quilting. #ForBeginners #easy #FreeMotionQuilting #HowTo #quilt #Quilts #Quilting #ideas #modern #ToMake #Designs #Simple #Tutorial #quilting #DIY #Fabric #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

Quilting Disks

By far, my favorite accessory for my Juki Miyabi 350 QVP-S are the Quilter’s Paddles.    At first, I wasn’t too sure what they were for or how they could help my quilting.  But after using them, I can’t see myself using my gloves again!  These little quilting disks truly give me all sorts of control.  Holding them, while quilting is a very natural feeling.  They really hold onto that fabric too!  

You may also find Free motion quilting easeir by using the Free Motion Quilting Rings! These rings come in a set of 2 and help improve the guidance of your quilt by providing no-slip bottoms and using durable high-density polyurethane (HDPE) construction. Each hoop is designed with comfortable hand grips for easy control and to keep your hands safely away from the sewing head. The wide groove cut in each hoop allows for easy access to your machine’s presser foot.

Free Motion Quilting Rings includes options for an 8” round hoop and an 11” round hoop.

I would love to know what your favorite way of Free Motion Quilting! Comment below!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Denise Menendez says:

    I am working on a baby quilt for my daughter and these quilting disc look like a tool I need for my sewing room. Thanks for offering this give away

  2. Phyllis Latimer says:

    I’m a newbie quilter and have just finished my second quilt top. I haven’t worked up the nerve to start on the actual quilting. Everyone has told me I need ‘gloves’. But, your discs seem so much better & convenient! Thx for the giveaway. Hope I win.

  3. quilty macquilterson says:

    I have watched you use these and would love to try a pair! I hate the feel of gloves when I fmq and would rather sew with bare hands. I think this would help! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. The quilting disks seem like a better alternative to wearing gloves. They keep your hands free and sweat free. Imagine wearing the gloves in the summer when it’s already 90° out. Lol. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  5. Carolyn Montgomery says:

    i am making a baby quilt for my niece’s soon to be grand baby; getting ready to quilt it wish i had the quilting discs to try out today. thanks for the chance to win.

  6. My New Years resolution is to start quilting my own quilts. Would love this tool!

  7. Stitchymitten says:

    Great overview! I have been considering buying one of these Jukis after seeing it on tourney Instagram stories

  8. I’m working hard at finishing up UFOs….but there are so many new ideas to distract me.
    Maybe a new tool to play with would encourage me to finish up these projects.

  9. Leigh Morgan says:

    Those disks seem so nice! Would love to try them.

  10. I have Leah Day’s sampler quilt from her Craftsy class waiting to be quilted.

  11. Marilynn Hagan says:

    I have a small quilt I promised to my cousin in remembrance of her sister that passed away from ovarian cancer. The quilting part always holds me up! I think these disks would be super helpful!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      WINNER WINNER! yay! Congrats to you for winning this giveaway! I sent you an email.

  12. Shelley P says:

    I’m currently working to finish the backing for my #starpatchqal quilt so I can hopefully get it to a longarmer soon.

  13. I think these pads would be perfect for my granddaughter’s little hands to use (as well as my hands)as I teach her to do free motion quilting. Truly hope we win.

  14. Stephanie Overbaugh says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt and am trying free motion quilting for the first time. I have a pair of gloves that I’m using but would like to try these disks.

  15. Making a Moda pop-art throw quilt.
    Love this, I had asked about the quilting disks a bit ago. So glad to see the video on them! I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  16. Barbara Lasky says:

    The quilting discs look like they would be extremely helpful in doing free motion quilting.

  17. OMG ? I would love these disks! I’ve been sewing almost my whole life! I grew up quilting by hand with my mom. Since then I’ve used the walking foot and I’m starting to test free motion. These would be a great tool to have!

  18. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I love this post. I’ll have so many things im working on right now im absoutely overwhelmed. I should get one of those quilters planners to help me be better organized! Think my favorite right now is a scrap quilt various sized bits & strips of past projects over last 5 years. #nofabricwasted

  19. Donna Lori says:

    I’m working on two quilts currently and it’s a bit overwhelming. One was for Christmas and it’s finished blocks, but I still have to get it together and quit it. Guess it will be used next year. 😉 Great idea for a giveaway. I will go tag my friends now on FB. Thank you

  20. Thank you for the giveaway!
    I am trying to finish a block of the month quilt that my friend Darlene started but didn’t get to finish because she passed away last July.

  21. I would love to try these disks. I have set a goal for 2019 to work on my free motion quilting! Thank you.

  22. I am currently working on organizing my space so I can make amazing messes this year, lol!

  23. Cindy Henderson says:

    These grips look so much better than wearing warm gloves. The shape fits one’s hands easily. I would love to win a pr.

  24. Emily Watts says:

    Beginner quilter here … Just starting to get the confidence to venture into free motion. Thanks for the tips!

  25. Currently finishing up an Amy Butler fabric chevron quilt. These disc look amazing!

  26. Amanda Christensen says:

    I’m finishing up a Seahawks quilt for my husband and getting ready to tackle a couple of WIPs. I’m trying to stick by my goal of finishing a project before I start a new one. It’s so hard not to start new things!

  27. Patricia A says:

    I consider myself to be an advanced beginner for FMQ and intermediate with rulers. The main issue I have is controlling the sandwiched . Both devices look like they would alleviate a lot of strain on my hands. Id love to see a demo

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