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The Airshow Mini Quilt

I just love my Airshow Mini Quilt! I took a Quilting Workshop, which was hosted by the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild.  The KCMQG was hosting Latifah Saafir, with Latifah Saafir Studios. This workshop featured the Airshow Quilt pattern.  Because the workshop was a half day, all the class participants learned how to make a mini quilt (or a pillow top).  In this class we learned about Latifah’s pattern and some great tips and trick for working with bias tape.  Let me share more about how I made my Airshow Mini Quilt.

Learn tips and tricks for working with Bias Tape and make this adorable mini quilt in the process! You can even make this into a Pillow top! #ForBeginners #easy #quilt #Quilts #Quilting #ideas #modern#ToMake #Designs #Simple #Blocks #Tutorial#quilting #sewing #handmade #Project #Patchwork #Contemporary #WalkingFoot #DIY #Fabric #Bedding #Hip #Trendy #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

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THE airshow mini quilt – MATERIALS LIST

  • Airshow Quilt Pattern
  • Background Fabric: Qty (1) yard (I used Cotton + Steel Lipstick)
  • Bias Tape Fabric: Qty (1) Fat Quarter
    • for this Mini Quilt, I used Sprinkles by Cotton + Steel
  • Focus Fabric:  You can use scrap fabric.  You will need at least 3 pieces that are at least 8″ x 6″
    • for this Mini Quilt, I used Yours Truly by Kimberly Kight
  • Backing Fabric:  Qty (1) yard
  • Binding Fabric: Qty 1/4 yard
  • Cotton batting (this is the exact batting I used)

(just a side note about the fabric that I used.  I hope you are able to find some, with the links I have provided.  This fabric is out of production and will someday be gone forever)

In case you wanted to make a different (larger size) of this amazing pattern, here is an image of what fabric amounts are required for each size.

Here are the material requirements for the AirShow Quilt. Pattern is by Latifah Saafir Studios. #ForBeginners #easy #quilt #Quilts #Quilting #ideas #modern#ToMake #Designs #Simple #Blocks #Tutorial#quilting #sewing #handmade #Project #Patchwork #Contemporary #WalkingFoot #DIY #Fabric #Bedding #Hip #Trendy #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

THE airshow mini QUILT – SUPPLY LIST

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Kelly is using bias tape in her Airshow Quilt Block. Learn some tips and tricks to make your own! #ForBeginners #easy #quilt #Quilts #Quilting #ideas #modern#ToMake #Designs #Simple #Blocks #Tutorial#quilting #sewing #handmade #Project #Patchwork #Contemporary #WalkingFoot #DIY #Fabric #Bedding #Hip #Trendy #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

THE airshow mini QUILT – ASSEMBLY

Using Latifah’s pattern, you will cut out your focus fabric and glue this to your background fabric.  Be sure to use Latifah’s diagram to help you layout the pieces in the proper place.  Then, using your Erasable Fabric Marker, you will trace and draw your loop lines.  Make your bias tape and sew this over the lines.  Super fun and easy!  In case you haven’t made bias tape before, here is a helpful video tutorial!

The entire class had a wonderful time making our Airshow Quilt Blocks!  Check out some of these fun snapshots of the KCMQG Class!  So many great varieties of fabric.  Isn’t it amazing how different these can look, just by selecting different fabrics?  Say hello to some of my favorite people!  I just love the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild!

If you ever get a chance to take a class with Latifah Saafir, I highly recommend it!  She is an excellent instructor and her style is amazing!  You can learn more about Latifah on her website.  If you belong to a guild, I would also recommend you make arrangements to have Latifah come for a visit!  So much fun and inspiration!

I hope you try this fun project!  This Airshow Mini Quilt has found it’s place on my wall of mini quilts!  Yay!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. What a fun pattern! Lucky you to have such a fun group to sew with!

  2. Thanks for showing everyone’s projects! What a great inspiration!

  3. What a neat mini quilt! I love the loopy design!

  4. Hi, I’m wondering, do the big quilts on the table under the beautiful blocks you made have a pattern? Could definitely replicate it but if there is pattern I like to buy it out of principle…..

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Hello and thanks for your question! All the quilts on the table are made by Latifah Saafir. She is an amazing artist! You can find patterns for most of the quilts on her website. I link to that in the blog post! ~Nicole

  5. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Have never made my own bias tape but have seen it mentioned in different magazines over years.I am a sewer but never made a quilt, too lazy. My Mom was a quilter and I have her quilting frame my uncle made for her many years ago. It’s traveled some miles with us in our moves across country a few times. That and lots of family photos.

    Will look into what you have done more, get some inspiration.Winter is better time for me to get busy sewing. Have my tiny sewing room ready. Happy week

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I love sewing in Winter! It’s a perfect time to start a quilt! ~Nicole

  6. I love the look of this block! Fun! Thanks for sharing – I found you on Pinterest.

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