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How to make a Handmade Face Mask

Follow along and learn how to make a handmade Face Mask for yourself and for others!  There are many different kinds of masks to choose from.  My pattern offers four sizes, plus a few options along the way.  Learn how to add a flexible nose wire and also a filter pocket to your face mask.  My pattern offers options for elastic or fabric ties.  Let’s dive right in and see how to make a handmade face mask!

Face Mask Pattern - Four Different Sizes plus filter pocket and flexible nose wire.

Face Mask Material LIST

  • Face Mask Pattern
  • Qty (1) Exterior Fabric (I use 100% Quilting Cotton) – Fabric amount depends upon mask size
  • Qty (1) Lining Fabric (I used fabric from my online shop) – Fabric amount depends upon mask size
  • Mask Closure
    • Elastic
    • Binding Strips (these can be made like my lanyard tape – minus the interfacing)
  • Flexible Nose Wire
    • I used 4″ of 18 gauge wire

Basic Sewing Supplies & Tools Needed


I have two videos available for the same pattern.  The first video shows how to make a handmade face mask without the flexible nose wire and filter pocket, while the second video shows the additions of the flexible nose wire and filter pocket.  Watch both and decide which option is best for you!

Whichever style mask you decide to make, it is important to remember that handmade face masks will not prevent someone from becoming infected with COVID-19. They are approved by the CDC to be used as a last resort when all other PPE options have run out.  Health providers experiencing shortages, who have handmade masks, can use them on lower-risk patients allowing N95s to be reserved for emergency cases.

It is important that you wash your hands and practice social distancing.  If you are a healthcare worker, first responder or essential worker – God Bless and protect you!

Just keep sewing!

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      1. Thank You so much for providing the pattern free of charge!

        1. Thank you do much… this is wonderful and such a loving thing for you to do.

        2. Vickie C Phillips says:

          Thanks so much children need mask and your pattern is easy to follow.

      2. Antonette Dizon says:

        Different style and nice, simple and easy to sew. Thanks.

      3. Thank you very much for the pattern and the tutorial.

      4. Rosevie Honrado says:

        Love your pattern most specially it has 4 different sizes .

      5. Thank you so much for this pattern! My son works in an essential business, and I have been SO worried about him. I made an attempt at another one, but I think this one addresses the issues he had with the other one.

      6. Jennifer Garza says:

        I just got my first sewing machine and I have to say I was doing alot of things wrong. Your video was sooo helpful! Thank you so much !!!

      7. Rachel A Brooke says:

        You make it look so easy. As soon as I can get some elastic I’m going to try and make some for my family. Thank so much for sharing.

        1. Nicole Moore says:

          I know you can do it!

    1. Karen Rioux says:

      Thank you for the masks videos and patterns

    2. Joni Wilson says:

      Thank you so much for the free mask pattern.
      I have researched all styles and i found this one to be my go to!
      Be safe and thanks again!

    3. Sonja Merrell says:

      Thanks, I’ve tried several patterns for masks, yours is by far the best!

      1. Nicole Moore says:

        Thanks! I’m so glad you found it helpful!

    4. Susan Smith says:

      Thank you for the free pattern. “SEW” easy to follow for a beginner like me!

    5. Kathy Ivey says:

      Thank you so much for the face mask pattern. You are wonderful.
      Kathy Ivey

    6. Beulah Garrick says:

      You made it so easy !!
      Thank you.

  1. Roxy Koch says:

    Thank you , thank you for the free mask pattern. Bless you and yours. Be safe and healthy!

  2. Since the mask has a “filter pocket” what do you recommend using as the filter? Flannel? Quilt batting? Or a commercially available charcoal filter? Thanks!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      There are so many opinions about this topic! What I prefer may not be what is recommended by others. I think that something is better than nothing. Tshirt material, a tissue or even some cotton flannel will work!

      1. Thank you so much for the free pattern.

    2. Melanie Roller says:

      @Kristen – Hi. I am a healthcare worker. I have done quite a lot of ‘looking’ into this very question. I personally feeling comfortable with the research of a pediatrician posted on Pinterest and her studies about 3M Air Co filters. I also read others who researched the same. The COVID particulates are very small but find a filter that filters out at least 1500 particles OR MORE then you are providing a good barrier. The 3M product does NOT have Fiberglas in it. You just have to disassemble it to get to the ‘fabric’ so you can cut it up, making sure that you keep it oriented correctly in the mask (the direction of the arrow on the box) facing towards the face, I found the 3M Filtrete filter at Walmart with a 2200 rating for $16.00 and I will be able to get A LOT of filters cut from it. Check out My Pocket Pediatrician on You Tube with her How to Turn a 3M Air Filter into a Face Mask that she posted a week ago … it is very informative!!!! Good luck, stay informed, be safe, and be well!

      1. Nicole Moore says:

        Thanks Melanie!

        1. Dee Larimer says:

          Thank you so much for the free pattern and tutorial! I have watched several videos and your s by far is the easiest to follow.

          One question, do you happen to have a video with the elastic instead of the fabric ties?

          1. Yolanda Hendrex says:

            The best mask pattern and instructions yet! Thanks so much

  3. Thank you so much for the free pattern! You rock! Stay safe and healthy!

  4. Diana Vela says:

    TY for sharing your pattern with us!! Many blessing to you

  5. Hello! I am a nurse, working at the hospital in my town. I have wanted one of these mask since I have seen people wearing them at work, of course the Third floor were donated some but they did not share, so I am making my own, Thank you so much for making this pattern free😍

  6. Sharon McLane says:

    Thank you! This makes it so much easier for us!

    I am making masks for my daughter who just completed chemotherapy for lymphoma and my husband who works in an essential business.

  7. Selecting the download link takes me to the store portion of your site. Do I need to add credit card information to get the free pdf pattern?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Currently, my pattern is a FREE PDF download. You will not have to provide a credit card to obtain it. I run ads on my website, so unless you re interested in the ad – do not click on it.
      You will need to be able to view and print the PDF format on your computer. I would recommend that you have adobe acrobat installed on your computer.

  8. Monique Stevens says:

    Thank you and God bless you for providing this pattern and your video tutorial. You and others who are sharing their expertise and talents during this time are true heroes!

  9. Just got my free patterns and instructions. Will get started sewing. Thank you and God bless. BP

  10. Norma Paio says:

    Thank you for these patterns. I have 5 of my 8 grandchildren still working; all in healthcare related jobs, so I worry for their safety. Bless you for making them free.

  11. Wendy Cram says:

    Thank you for providing this pattern, free of charge. Bless you

  12. Thank you so much for these patterns! I have been looking for a pattern in various sizes so I could make them for family members. God Bless and stay safe!!

  13. Linda Schrankel says:

    Is there a separate pattern for the tutorial with the wire and place to add the filter? Thank you. I love your pattern. Thank you for providing the great tutorial.

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      The pattern templates are the same. You can simply follow the video to make those additions. If you need the written instructions, you can just add the same pattern to the cart again. I update the written instructions there.

  14. Jeanne Mork says:

    Thank you so much for your pattern and tutorial. I have been searching for a mask just like yours. Super plus that you have a video that is so easy to understand. I love your stitching music. I tend to be a little heavy footed on the foot pedal myself.

  15. Harry Goldin, M.D. says:

    I have been practicing and each time the mask is better and better! This is my first sewing project and I am getting more comfortable using the sewing machine (1960 Singer ). The overall shape is terrific. I find the placement of the ear loops (I am using elastic) is a little too low and does not wrap properly around my ear. What do you think about raising the upper elastic attachment a bit? Any problems with adjusting the pattern?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I have seen folks make different adjustments to tailor the pattern for the best fit. While this is a contoured pattern and can generally provide a nice fit – we all have different sized faces so adjustments are always encouraged when needed. Good Luck and I’m really glad the pattern is working well for you!

    2. Jen Edwards says:

      I had the same problem Harry! The mask is awesome but I fear I may have done something wrong attaching the ties. They are at such an angle that the top ties are below my ears and the bottom ties go around the back of my neck. This is lining them up to the inside of the marked lines 😔
      Any help would be appreciated!!!! The tutorial and directions, otherwise, we’re excellent!

      1. Nicole Moore says:

        Hello Jen and thanks for your comment! If the top ties are hitting the middle of your ear – I would recommend that you move them to the corner of the side. Not at an angle, just farther up on the pattern. If you want the bottom ties to secure the higher or lower, you can adjust that placement as well.

        Please bear in mind that each person is sized and shaped differently. The best way to tailor this mask for YOUR face is to make attempts and notes so that when you find the right fit – you can replicate that.

        Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance! Thanks for trying my pattern!

  16. Celia Pryce-Johnson says:

    Thank you for the face mask pattern.

  17. Thank you so much for your Generosity!!! I really appreciate it…been looking for Facemask Patterns. God Bless you.

  18. Margaret Nedimyer says:

    Thank you Nicole! You are doing your part in this time of stress and need! My family and I are either “people at high risk” or essential workers. Much better than a scarf or bandana. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Now I need to “sew more!”

    1. This looks very simple and I feel confident that I won’t have any problems. Thanks for offering this free of charge. I am wondering how to determine what size mask will fit before actually constructing it?

      1. Nicole Moore says:

        Please bear in mind that each person is sized and shaped differently (despite age and gender) and this is just a general guide, not a hard and fast rule of fit.

        The small is for very young children. Age 2-6
        The medium is for kids (youth) 7-11
        The large is for adolescents and women
        The extra-large is for men

        Fabric Measurements
        Small (2) 10″ x 5”
        Medium (2) 10″ x 6″
        Large (2) 12” x 7”
        Extra Large (2) 13” x 7.5″

  19. Arleen Rodman says:

    What is the length of elastic you use in your masks? Do you use the same length of elastic for all mask sizes?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      The elastic measurement, for each pattern size, is printed on each pattern template. Please reference your copy of my pattern. Thanks!

  20. Thank you … very much appreciated!

  21. Thank you so much a pattern that is actually do-able! Thank you for it being free also much appreciated xx

  22. How wide are you cutting the binding ties? Thanks for doing this!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I start with 2″ and fold down to 1/2″

  23. Hi there! Thank you so much for the pattern!! One quick question, any idea when you will get more Linen and White color Painters fabric?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Thanks for asking! I am expecting a shipment this week! Stay tuned!

      1. Mary Kooistra says:

        Wonderful! Thank you!

  24. Anthonnette says:

    Thank you for the free pattern.. Good bless!

  25. Anthonnette says:

    Thank you for the free pattern.. God bless!

  26. Alice "in Wonderland" says:

    I love the comment about “beautiful eyes”!! With faces covered, we should be looking each other in the eye more! I’m a seasoned RN for a busy/precious central FL MD (picture tourists), on quarantine (my Fire Fighter son also) because others WON’T wear masks. I also use the 3M AC filters, the 1500 is N90, the 1900 is N95, 2200 is N96, 2800 is N97. And yes dozens of face filters can be made from one AC filter, read previous Melanie Roller comment. Of all masks tried, your pattern fits best, I can SEE. Have had folks pull out in highway in front of traffic because their mask was in their eyes. True story. This is not a “one and done,” we will be wearing masks for months/years, so lets be comfortable, safe, and stylish!! You are actually helping save lives, God Bless YOU and yours!

  27. L. Civali says:

    Thank you for the pattern! Cheers!

  28. Liz Martin says:

    Thank you so much for the free pattern! Appreciate it!

  29. Jolene Staskal says:

    Thank you so much for the free pattern. This one is much nicer than using a rectangular piece of material. I am making mine for my nurse daughter who is now required to wear a material face mask at work in doctor’s office. Again thank you for making this available.

  30. Michelle Hargrove says:


    I’ve never contacted a YouTube host before… but I really liked your demonstration video! Straightforward, clear and professional. The humorous whimsy of your musical selection during sewing… so well done.

    Thanks for making it fun and inspiring!

    Mahalo nui loa,

  31. Kathy Strother says:

    Thank you so much for offering this pattern for free! It’s one I had been looking for. Having 4 family members of my family as essential workers, 3 in grocery stores and 1 working with mentally and physically handicapped people, they were looking for masks they could wear all day that were washable and comfortable. Thank you from all of us!!!

  32. Thank you so much for putting the patterns free! you don’t know how you have helped us.

  33. Christopher says:

    Thank you so much for making this available. I intend to pay it forward! I will definitely return! I also took some time and clicked on all the ads on the page. I’ll go through other pages as well! 😉 Cheers!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Thanks for thinking of me. I really wanted to give back in some way – and sewing is my super power! I hope you stay well!

  34. I have a question. Does the liner have to be a certain type of material? Or can it be cotton as well? Oh, and pray for me ladies, I am going to be sewing this by hand, because I do not have a sewing machine. Also, thanks for the pattern.

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I used 100% quilters cotton for both the exterior and lining pieces. The grey fabric is something that I sell in my online shop. It is called Painter’s Palette by PBS Fabrics. You can learn more about that right here:

      Good luck with your hand sewing! You can do it!

  35. Thank you for sending me all the information I need to make a mask. Of all the sites I went to, yours was the most interesting
    and informative. I am not very good at sewing, but I am encouraged to try it your way. I will share this information with
    others, so they too can make their own masks. Thank you, again!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

  36. Many thanks for the free patterns <3

  37. TONI PEARSON says:

    Thank you for the excellent pattern and great video. So well done.,

  38. Thank you so much for the free pattern and tutorial.

  39. Paul Sayre says:

    Thank You so much. I am on a construction crew and have gov. permission to return to work tomorrow to finish work on a school. My wife is a quilter and has been elected to mask duty 🙂

  40. Thank you for the easy tutorial and offering the face mask pattern for free. Stay well.

  41. I see you’re getting this a lot, but Thank you so much for providing this pattern. You have a good heart and it IS appreciated!

  42. Robin Burritt says:

    Thank you very much; I am going back to work in May and I will be Essential and customer-facing. I appreciate this immensely. Blessings
    If people ask where I got this mask pattern I will send them to your website 🙂

  43. Christine says:

    Thank you for pattern, I made the medium for my self from an old apron of my mothers, Cut 4 pieces, used the trim from apron in place of elastic, don’t have a sewing machine, did it by hand. Thanks again, stay healthy!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      That’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  44. Thank you for the face mask pattern. Your kindness is truly appreciated. Your video was easy to follow as well.

  45. Thank you do much. I made one for myself and hubby. One with filter pocket and one without. Husband lives his too. Video really really helped

  46. Maria Lúcia de Souza Lima Gallagher says:

    Nicole, I’m from Brasil. I want to thank you so much for the free patterns. God bless you and yours. Best regards.

  47. Debbie Marchese says:

    Hi I love the video, do you sell the heart beat design fabric?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Hello and thanks for your kind words. I’m afraid the heart-beat fabric is out of production and no longer available.

  48. sandy ramrattan says:

    Hi I’m from New York I love the video that you make .

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Thank you so much! Stay well!

  49. Thank you for the free patterns. I’m making mask for our daughter and her fellow workers who work in the ICU and take care of patients with the virus. How would I use the pattern with the filter but use elastic instead of ties? Again, Thank you for the free patterns😊

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I have two videos that utilize this mask…

      This is the original video (Basic Contoured Fabric Mask with elastic)

      This is the second video, which uses the same pattern, but adds the filter pocket, flexible nose wire and utilizes fabric ties instead of elastic.

  50. I’m definitely going to make this one! I’ve made a lot of them, from the rectangle to the formed, like this one. BUT, I like this one because it’s curved down from the eyes and won’t interfere with seeing anything. Thank you so much, your directions are so easy to follow and clear, you don’t get your hands in the way. Kudos to you! :I

  51. My mother found/received your pattern for this shaped mask. She was pleased with the fit, especially that it does not encroach on the eye area. She is a small person, but will use the large size for the next one she makes. I have now ordered the pattern and watched the tutorial. Having previously amassed a large collection of neato bandanas (from dollar store), I look forward to creating some masks for myself and for others. Thank you for sharing this FREE pattern and instructions. Bless you and be well!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

  52. great video. I am making several.

    thanks for helping all of us to keep safe.

  53. Jasmine Jackson says:

    Hello. I’ve made a few of your masks and they are great. However I am having an issue when you try to talk with the mask on. It eventually moves the mask down to where it sits below the nose. Just curious if you have any suggestions? I’ve used different sizes and different people in my family and they all do the same thing. Thank you for any suggestions.

  54. MiaLisa Mossay says:

    Do you have the measurement for the fabric ties? I would like to try that out on my masks

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      The fabric tie measurements are listed on the pattern pieces. They vary per size

  55. This is by far the best pattern and instructions I’ve found out there. Thank you so much for allowing us to make these superb masks and getting them out there to friends, family and community members. Recent CDC news mentioned that triple layers of cotton masks are the best. Will you be making instructions on how to make those? I mean after your careful instruction, I have an idea of how to do it, but I’m hoping that as a sewing expert, you’d have some pointers. Thanks again!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      If you want 3 layers, try adding some interfacing to either the exterior or interior fabric.

  56. Christina says:

    Hi, I was just wondering how to nose wire stays in place and doesn’t move side to side?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I sewed close enough to make it a snug fit. You can always add more stitches if you aren’t sure yours would stay.

  57. Linda Hoyle says:

    Thank you so much for the free pattern and the great tutorial!!

  58. Tha so for the pattern and the video. I like a longer mask so sized up, and also found the elastic hit the middle ear too and was a bit uncomfortable. I ended up snipping it off, folding the side edges of the mask over to make a casing and putting a loop of elastic through and it fits me much better. I really like the fit of the nose and the curve. I’m a beginner to intermediate level sewer and found it really simple.

  59. Angie Jensen says:

    Thanks so much for making your pattern free! I have spent 20 minutes looking for a pattern and can’t find any. You are a life saver!!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I am so glad you found this helpful!

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