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Goosed Up about Rainbows

I found out about an Instagram Mini Quilt Swap that was themed on rainbows. I just had to join!  The Mini Quilt swap that I joined was called #RainbowMiniQuiltSwap. This swap was hosted by Kate Basti.  I immediately started trolling my partner’s Instagram feed.  My secret partner was an accomplished quilter.  Her Instagram feed was full of lovely creations.  She posted a mosaic, which I used as inspiration for choosing the pattern and fabric for her Mini Quilt.  In her mosaic, I spied the Goosed Up foundation paper pieced pattern by Jeli Quilts.  I was definitely goosed up about rainbows!  Making this project was a no-brainer! I later learned that this designer is no longer offering her patterns for sale. Not to worry – I have an alternative for you!

Goosed Up about Rainbows - Fabric Pull

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Goosed Up – Material List 

  • Goosed Up pattern by Jeli Quilts (sorry her patterns are no longer available)
  • Fabric from your stash
  • Foundation Paper for your printer (I used this paper – It’s my favorite)
  • Add A Quarter Ruler – this is a MUST have for foundation paper piecing!
  • Seam Roller (this is especially handy if you want to skip all that ironing)

Goosed Up – Basic Supply List

Making a sample first

I decided it would be a good idea to make a practice block.  I used my scraps and made this trial block, which is about the size of a coffee cup coaster.  The block was easy to make and my practice piece turned out great!

Paper pieced coaster

Finding all the right fabrics was my favorite part!  I already had many in my own stash to choose from.  For some reason, I was low on yellow and red choices.  I had an abundance of teal and blue (no surprise there)!  I got all my final selections organized and in ROYGBIV order!

It’s gets easier with practice

This one was a lot easier to put together, after I had practiced on the sample.  It was exciting to watch the mini quilt take shape!  I decided to make the small geese shapes with the darker color and have the shadow of that color be a lower volume of the base. What a great effect!

In progress Goosed up Rainbow Mini Quilt

Fons And PorterI wanted to make this one a little differently. I decided against a plain white background.  This low volume red fabric added a note of interest to the rest of the fabrics!  I sandwiched this all together and did some very intentional straight line quilting.  I was extremely pleased with the finished mini quilt!

Completed Goosed up Rainbow Mini Quilt

For the backing, I used a fun rainbow dot fabric.  I stumbled upon this at my LQS (local quilt shop).  I had to scoop it up and it turned out PERFECT!

All the goodies and extras!

As with all my swap packages, I love to send extras!  I just love rainbows. Who doesn’t love handmade goodies! Check out my partner’s swap package!  She loved it!  She loved all of it!!!

Complete swap package plus extras for the Goosed Up Rainbow Mini Quilt

I hope you decide to try this fun pattern.  One day, I would love to make an entire quilt from it – it is sooooo good!

Try Foundation Paper Piecing!

If you would like to learn the Foundation Paper Piecing technique, I recommend you reach out to your local quilt shop.  I hope someone there would be able to offer this in a class for you.  If this is not available for you, or if you would like to learn at your own pace – Check out my YouTube Video on Foundation Paper Piecing!

I would love to see some of your paper pieced projects!  You can share your creations on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram!  

Happy Stitching!







  1. Wow, Nicole, you did a great job, once again!

  2. This is inspiring me to attempt some modern paper piecing!

  3. You had me at RAINBOW! Your version of this pattern is really great! I purchased this pattern and used the little pattern to make a pin cushion. Love it! Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming!

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