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I have been wanting to organize the fabric in my sewing studio for some time now.  There always seems like I could successfully come up with a good reason to put this off for another day.  Well, the time had finally come when I said that TODAY was the day.  Time for some Spring Cleaning.  Let me show you how I did it!

I think what made me realize that I needed a deep clean was that I could not find some fabric that I was SURE that I had!!!  Once I started going thru my fabric stash, I instantly became overwhelmed and told myself that I need to go on a fabric diet!  Sorry!  I know that is a dreadful thought!  Luckily, that thought only stayed with me for a few short moments.  Whew!

I had a stash of fabric that was sort of piled up and half way folded.  My shelves are deep, so there was more fabric stashed away than I had thought!  I had fabric in drawers, on carts and in plastic bins.  I had a stash!

I had seen several ideas on how to organize fabric and had been wanting to try using Comic Book Boards.  I estimated that I would only need 100 boards to finish the project.  Ha!!!!  I was really WRONG!  I really don’t know how I accumulated so many different prints of fabric!  I have only been seriously sewing for less than a decade.  Apparently, I have a love of fabric and my lack of space will not stop me from curating a fantastic collection!

So, I ended up needing more than 400 comic book boards.  I purchased most of these thru Amazon (Prime), but picked up my last 100 at a local comic book store and saved HALF the cost.  I would encourage you to visit your local comic book store.  If you don’t have one nearby – you can use my affiliate link and get your own Comic Book Boards from Amazon HERE.

I also recommend you get plenty of long Quilting Pins.  I used one to two pins per board.  That is actually a great deal of pins!  I found a nice supply of 500 long Quilting Pins HERE.

Since I am also a visual learner, I created this YouTube video to help you see how I was able to fold my fabric around these Comic Book Boards:

After I sorted thru most of my fabric, I was amazed at my collection thus far!  I loved going thru all the items I had collected and then sorted them either by color or collection.  I even dusted the shelves!  Wow!

I still need to go thru another storage bin that I found hiding in the corner and I still need to sort thru all my licensed sporty fabrics, but take a look at a portion of my favorite fabrics!  They are all nicely stacked and sorted.  I can see what I have!!!!

Now that I can see what I have, the ideas and inspiration is really flowing!  Sometimes, you need to focus on and appreciate what you already have!  I have plenty to keep me busy – at least for a little while!

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5 thoughts on “Organize your Fabric

  1. Barbara Ostermeier says:

    I have found that securing the fabric to the boards was easily accomplished by using Bobby pins. It sure prevents a lot of pin sticks to my fingers and keeps blood off my fabric.

  2. Beverly Campbell says:

    I started organizing my fabric one rainy day and thought I could get it done in one day….FAT CHANCE!!! I just didn’t realize how much stuff I had. It was fun looking at stuff I didn’t even know I had. I have been sewing off and on since high school When my son and daughter were born I had fun making their clothes. I took a break for about 10 years and taught painting classes. After my eyesight got bad to where I had to have cateract surgery I couldn’t see as well so I took up sewing about 10 years ago and have been at it ever since. I love the craft sewing more than making clothes. Lots of hand bags, wallets, quilts, pillow cases (I made one for every month of the year for my two granddaughters). I am looking forward to trying this little wallet and plan to make several for a bizarre this fall. Thanks for your getting my juices flowing to make this cute wallet. Look forward to receiving more inspiration from you. I just re-read this email and found I have told you my life history….Sorry about that.

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