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All My Heart Quilt Block

Inspired by the Modern Love Quilt Pattern, the All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern shares a similar construction, particularly in the middle of the block. This pattern, with its engaging and addictive design, is versatile and available in multiple sizes, making it perfect for a range of projects.

Before we explore the pattern in detail, it’s only fitting to showcase some beautiful samples crafted by fellow quilters. Their creations not only highlight the pattern’s versatility but also demonstrate how personal flair and fabric choices can transform the same design into unique art pieces.

Lori Lange’s Quilt Block Sample

First up, Lori Lange, a dear friend and a member of my local modern quilt guild. Having shared numerous retreats together, Lori’s expertise in quilting is evident in her samples of the All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern.

Lori’s fabric selections are simply stunning, each block a testament to her keen eye for color and design. You can catch a glimpse of her quilting journey and her beautiful creations on her Instagram here.

Sue Tuttle’s Samples

Sue Tuttle, another guild friend, is known for her distinctive style and willingness to experiment. Her samples are a vibrant collection of hearts, showcasing her adventurous spirit in quilting.

Sue said that she found the process of making the All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern so enjoyable that it turned into a sewing spree! Follow Sue’s quilting adventures on her Instagram here.

Kelly Lautenbach’s Sample Blocks

Kelly Lautenbach, a fierce friend and fellow pattern designer, also took a plunge into creating with the All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern.

Kelly’s approach, using a curated stash, resulted in exquisite samples, each captured beautifully in her images. Discover more about Kelly and her work on her Instagram here.

Amber Roger’s Sample Blocks

Amber Rogers, a newer friend in the quilting circle, met at a quilt pattern designers retreat. Her contribution to the All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern sample collection is both charming and beautifully executed.

Amber’s dedication to quilting is evident in every piece she creates. Follow her on Instagram @espresso_stitches and check out her website Espresso Stitches.

Elizabeth Ray’s Sample Blocks

Last but definitely not least, Elizabeth Ray, a long-time Instagram friend and an accomplished quilt pattern designer.

Elizabeth’s samples, showcasing each size of the All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern, are a testament to her skill and creativity. Her quilting journey is one to follow; visit her website here.

Get your PDF Pattern today!

The All My Heart Quilt Block Pattern is not just a pattern; it’s a canvas for creativity. Whether you’re crafting a cozy table topper, a charming coaster, or an entire quilt, this pattern offers endless possibilities. Each size brings its own unique appeal, allowing you to experiment and create something truly special.

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This pattern is a wonderful addition to any quilter’s collection. Its versatility, ease of assembly, and the joy it brings to the crafting process make it a must-try. Happy quilting!


  1. Sandra D, Jol says:

    This appears to be pieced, am I correct? I bought a pattern years ago that “appeared” to be pieced but was FPP, which I can do but I prefer piecing. I don’t want to buy it and be disappointed. Thanks

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      This is a pieced pattern.

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