Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree Pattern and Tutorial

Making Christmas Tree quilt blocks is a fun and simply way to add cheer to your home. You can turn these blocks into a simple mug rug (perfect for gifts), create a festive table runner or even make a bunch for your very own Christmas Quilt! How ever many you decide to make, I’m sure we can all agree that these blocks are timeless and fun! Be sure to check out the
video tutorial at the bottom of this article!



Oh Christmas Tree - I love using the Add-A-Quarter Ruler when Foundation Paper Piecing!

Prelude to piecing

To make the Christmas tree foundation paper pieced block, you’ll print your patterns on copy  paper. Take a look at the one inch mark and measure it with your ruler. I really like to transfer my copies onto foundation paper. I like the Perfect Piecing paper. It is really  transparent and rips out easily. I also like using the Add a quarter ruler. It has a nice quarter  inch which makes foundation paper piecing really easy using this ruler.

Oh Christmas Tree Pattern - Using a Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox and cutting mat is a perfect way to make quick work of all your FPP patterns!

Starting the Christmas Tree Block

Each of these blocks have seven pieces and we’re going to start in numerical order. Piece  number one is the tree trunk and piece number two is the background. To start the block you’re  going to have the right side of your fabric be right against the backside of your foundation  paper piece pattern. And then you’re going to put block number two fabric (right sides together  with fabric number one), directly behind fabric number one. Sew the line between number one  and number two.

Now, fold that pattern paper piece back and use our add a quarter ruler. This little lip helps  hold it against that folded edge and gives you a one quarter inch seam allowance. Cut off the  excess fabric and then the seam roller to press out that seam.

Oh Christmas Tree Pattern - Using a Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox and cutting mat is a perfect way to make quick work of all your FPP patterns!

Just keep sewing

Next we’re going to work through the remaining pieces. 

You’ll line it up to make sure you have at least a quarter of an inch past the line. And make sure  that you have enough fabric all around the edges also. 

We’re going to fold that back and trim away the excess and we’ll use our seam roller and press that back. And piece number four is done just like  piece number three.  

Using the Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox comes in really handy for things like this. You can see all  the pieces behind you, even when there’s multiple layers. 

Pieces five, six and seven are larger and you might find it helpful to test the fabric placement,  before sewing. To do this, simply use sewing pins in lieu of stitches. Test the placement, make  adjustments if necessary and proceed with sewing.

Oh Christmas Tree Pattern - Since I used Perfect Piecing Foundation Paper - tearing away the pattern is easy!

Finishing the block

Now all that’s left is to trim away the excess fabric around the perimeter of the block. Now  you’re not going to want to trim right on the exterior line. You’ll give yourself a one quarter inch  outside of the line. I’m using the Add a quarter ruler for that I can see the lip of the one quarter  inch mark. 

Now all that’s left is to rip out the paper because the stitch length was 1.5″. It really makes a nice perforation on the paper. And this  paper is the perfect piecing paper because it’s a lot thinner than regular paper.  As a bonus – Perfect Paper is super easy to rip out!  

This was a super easy and quick foundation paper piece block. Be sure to get a copy of the  pattern and start making your own Christmas Trees today! 

Happy Stitches, 

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