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Crafty Containers: Beyond Basics

Jump into “Crafty Containers: Beyond Basics” with Sew Much Moore’s specially selected fabric container ideas! We’re highlighting 20 exceptional designs from creative minds around the world, featuring everything from sleek fabric trays to unique rope bowls, versatile bucket bags to fabric baskets. Each creation introduces an innovative approach to combining storage with style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewist, these ideas promise to ignite your imagination for your next sewing adventure.

A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

Mini Gift Baskets

Mini Gift Baskets are a breeze to stitch and serve as an ideal solution for storing and organizing a variety of items. Constructed from home decor weight fabric or quilting cotton, they boast a chic fabric and felt label. Fill the baskets with craft/sewing supplies, chic baby essentials, or pantry must-haves. Gifting in a fabric basket will surely delight your friends – it’s akin to presenting them with a double surprise!

Nested Baskets

Organize and decorate in style with this set of 3 nested baskets. Stripes work particularly well for this pattern. Finished sizes are 4 in, 6 in, and 8 in square baskets.

Around the Bobbin

Create with Claudia

Mini Tote Bag

How to Make a Mini Tote Bag – This little project is ideal for scrap busting and is super easy to make. All you need are some scraps and fusible fleece interfacing. These mini totes are great for gift giving, storage in a sewing room or anything else. The article has a full tutorial and there is also a YouTube tutorial for people who prefer that. 

Petit Four Baskets

Appropriate for all skill levels, these fun little baskets are a great project for evenings, lazy weekends, or any time you’re just in the mood to sew!
Quick to make and perfect for gifts, the baskets will hold all kinds of small treasures. Be sure to get the free Petit Four Baskets Add-on Video as well. You’ll love learning our best tips and tricks as we walk you through the pattern online.

The Owen Organizer

The Owen Organizer is the perfect size to take shopping, store items in your vehicle, keep books accessible for library runs, or keeps odds and sods stored on the shelf. Add the optional wire frame to put in additional structure at the top, and slip a label into the clear pocket to keep you organized. Piece your panels before putting this basket together, or feature a panel or specific print to make this your own!

Hexy Bottom Bag

The Hexy Bottom Bag from Crinkle Dreams does just what it says—create a hexagon on the bottom of the bag. Perfect for scrap busting or using up fat quarters, the pattern includes templates for the wedges and optional pockets. Add one pocket or add one to every wedge, it makes the bag perfect for whatever you want to store in it: fabric scraps, crochet supplies, small toys, or whatever suits you!

Scrap Bucket Basket

Grab your scraps and stitch together this mid size bucket. The special foam helps keep the oval shape nice and smooth. Consider adding handles or pockets for even more functionality. 

Simple Fabric Basket

In this tutorial , Nadra shows how to make these adorable and fun little fabric baskets. Fun, simple and practical! Not to mention simply adorable!

Fabric Basket

Grete Greenshpon shares (over on the Bernina Blog) how many different ways you can spice up a simple fabric basket. Check out her inspiration and her tutorial!

Pixie Basket

This is one of my favorite tutorials. I personally have made several of these and they are fun and simple to sew! Try the Pixie Basket today!

Pencil Holder

Sew a cute pencil holder using this free sewing pattern in 3 sizes and the easy sewing tutorial. It has so many uses!
It’s very practical to keep your stationery – or sewing tools and supplies close at hand. And if you’ve been craving some order on your sewing table, now’s just the perfect time to achieve it – with this easy and fun project.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Check out this fabric basket tutorial.. This foldable fabric basket is adorable, useful and easy to store. Plus, it’s fun and easy to sew with this pattern and tutorial.

Fabric Tray

These fabric trays combine the practicallity of quilting with the fun of making a quick and functional tray! Use fabric scraps or even orphan quilt blocks to make these fun and functional trays! Check out the free tutorial!

Fabric Buckets

This bundle of nesting fabric buckets are the perfect project for a fun and practical sewing session! Make one or make a set! The possibilities are endless! Use scrap fabric or even some super cute quilt blocks! Give it a try! Such a fun sew!

Easy DIY Storage Box

In this Easy DIY Storage Box tutorial, learn how to make three different sizes of fabric storage boxes.

Fabric Box Tutorial

Tina, with Seaside Stitches, makes a fun fabric box. It is simple enough to complete in about an hour, which makes it perfect for a last minute hostess gift. Fill it with candy and you are ready to go!

Rope Basket

Check out this fun rope basket tutorial. All you need is fabric scraps and some clothesline rope! Mavis takes you step-by-step and shows you how easy it is to make a a rope basket. Careful though – these are addictive!!!

Rectangle Basket

You have to take a peek at the completely detailed tutorial for these adorable rectangular baskets! Super functional and CUTE!

DIY Basket Pin Cushion

It’s a basket AND a pin cushion! Talk about a bonus project! Check out this step-by-step tutorial and make this cute project for yourself or someone special! Super fun AND functional!

DIY Fabric Storage Basket

This quick and easy DIY fabric storage basket is so fun to make – it goes together in a about a half hour. It can be used to hold so many things too!

Fabric Trinket Trays

These fabric trinket trays are a great beginner project. Use them to store trinkets or to keep your little sewing notions tidy.

These fabric basket ideas represent just a glimpse into the endless possibilities of fabric container design. From practical storage solutions to decorative home accents, each project offers its own unique blend of style and function. We hope this roundup inspires you to pick up your sewing tools and add a personal touch to your home or gift something special to a loved one. Remember, every stitch tells a story, and your next project is an opportunity to create something truly unique.


  1. I want to make a golf ball bag for my husband. What do you suggest?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      When you say ‘golf bag’, are you saying a bag to hold his clubs?

      1. No when she said golf BALLS bag.

        1. Nicole Moore says:

          Yes! I was reading that too fast! (as usual) Thanks!

    2. Nicole Moore says:

      I read that wrong! I think you need to find a pattern that has a drawstring at the top or some kind of closure (zipper or otherwise).

  2. This is so kind of you to show us what’s out there for basket making. I’ve gone on YouTube and there’s dozens and dozens, but with your article you’ve introduced me to new basket making ideas. I like especially the pincushion idea. Thanks again!❤️

  3. I want to make multiple of each!

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