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SewTites: Modern Sewing Essentials

SewTites are revolutionizing the sewing and quilting industry, offering a magnetic alternative to traditional pins. This family-owned, small American business was born out of ingenuity and a love for quilting. These are your SewTites Sewing Essentials!

Created by sisters Jessica and Jamie, SewTites is dedicated to empowering the sewing community with their innovative products. As a treat to our community, use the coupon code NICOLEMOORE to save 15% on your entire SewTites purchase.

SewTites Hand Mix

For those who find delight in the details of hand sewing, the SewTites Hand Mix is an indispensable tool. This set includes magnets specifically designed for English Paper Piecing, appliqué, and other handwork, ensuring your delicate fabrics stay in place without puncture marks.

Say goodbye to shifting pieces and hello to seamless stitching, enhancing your hand sewing experience with the assurance of precision.

SewTites Magnum

Quilters working with heavy-duty projects will find a strong ally in the SewTites Magnum. Specially crafted for long-arm quilters and perfect for securing your quilts to the LongArm leaders.

These magnets provide a robust hold, ensuring everything stays aligned during the entire quilting process. The Magnum set is a testament to SewTites’ commitment to providing solutions for every sewing challenge. I use these every time I quilt on my Juki J350 QVP!

Magnetic Straight Pin & Snips Holder

Organization meets convenience with the SewTites Magnetic Straight Pin & Snips Holder. This tool simplifies your sewing process, providing a magnetic spot to keep pins and snips at the ready.

Designed for the multitasking sewer, this holder reduces clutter and increases efficiency in your creative space.

SewTites Machine Mix

The Machine Mix pack from SewTites is a boon for those who engage in machine embroidery, bag making, and garment construction.

With a variety of sizes tailored for different tasks, these magnetic pins protect your materials from snags while offering an easy-to-use alternative to traditional pins. They’re computerized sewing machine-friendly – just remember not to store them on your machine!

SewTites HD

For those heavy fabrics and multiple layers, the SewTites HD are your go-to.

With their heavy-duty magnetic power, these pins handle your thickest projects with ease, giving you the confidence to tackle challenging materials without hesitation. They’re a robust solution for the most demanding sewing tasks.

SewTites are changing the way we approach sewing and quilting, offering magnetic solutions for a variety of needs. As a reminder, use the coupon code NICOLEMOORE to save 15% on these innovative products. Support this family-owned, women-led American business, and experience the magnetic difference in your sewing projects today.

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