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Quilt Block Club Swap – Mug Rugs

Welcoming Quilters to a Global Exchange of Creativity

Quilting, at its core, is about community, creativity, and sharing the warmth of a handmade piece. That’s why we at Sew Much Moore are thrilled to announce our upcoming Quilt Block Club Swap. It’s more than an exchange of quilted items; it’s an opportunity to connect with fellow quilters across the globe, to share your artistry, and to add a personal touch to someone else’s collection.

The Essence of Our Quilt Block Club Swap

Picture this: You spend a few delightful weeks creating a beautiful, small quilted item – maybe a vibrant mug rug, a miniature quilt, or a piece that speaks to your unique style. You then send this piece of your heart and craft to a fellow quilting enthusiast. In return, your mailbox soon reveals a surprise from another corner of the world, a piece crafted by someone who shares your passion for quilting. This is the essence of our Quilt Block Club Swap – a circle of giving, receiving, and celebrating our love for quilting.

How Every Quilter Can Join the Fun

Whether you’re a seasoned member of our Quilt Block Club or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of quilting swaps, there’s a place for you. Our club members enjoy free participation as a perk of their membership. If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry! You can still be part of this exciting event. Simply choose a swap program that aligns with your quilting interests and purchase your ticket to join.

Navigating Through Choices and Preferences

When you sign up, we’ll ask about your shipping preferences. Some of you might prefer to swap within your own country, keeping postage costs in check. Others might feel the lure of international exchange, ready to embrace the higher shipping costs for the priceless experience of connecting with a quilter from another country. It’s your choice, and either way, the experience is rewarding.

The Role of Swap Angels – Our Quilting Heroes

In any community event, sometimes life throws a curveball, and a participant might not be able to fulfill their swap commitment. This is where our Swap Angels, generous souls willing to step in and ensure that no one misses out, come into play. If you have the heart to be a Swap Angel, joining in to make an extra piece for someone who might otherwise be left out, your kindness will be the backbone of this swap’s success.

A Community Thriving Online and Beyond

Once you’re in, we’ll invite you to our exclusive Facebook group, a vibrant space where you can share your progress, seek inspiration, and connect with fellow swappers. It’s a place to cheer each other on, to offer tips, and to show off your works-in-progress. And when the swap is over, we love seeing your photos – the joy of unboxing a quilted treasure from a newfound friend, the pride in your creation, and the stories behind every stitch.

More Than Just Quilting

As you embark on this quilting adventure, remember that you’re not just creating and exchanging quilted items; you’re weaving a tapestry of connections. You’re part of a tradition that spans generations and continents, using your hands and heart to create something that will be cherished. So let your creativity flow, let your quilting needles dance, and join us in this celebration of quilting camaraderie

In the end, it’s about the smiles, the shared stories, and the magic of a community coming together through the art of quilting. We can’t wait to see the diverse and beautiful creations that will emerge from this swap. So sign up, choose your preference, and let’s make this an unforgettable quilting journey!

Quilt Block Club Members – Swaps are included!

As a member of our Quilt Block Club, you unlock a host of perks, including the ability to participate in any one of the swaps at no additional cost. It’s all part of your membership benefits! Interested in joining the club and getting in on the fun? Click the button below to discover more about becoming a Quilt Block Club member.


  1. JEAN HOLT says:

    I would love to see some of the patterns for these mug rugs! I love the idea of doing something tiny for this project!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I have a bunch of inspiration save on a Pinterest Board, which I share with swap participants. There is also lots of inspiration on this website – just search the word “SWAP”.

  2. Kimberly Koerber says:

    Interested in swapping with a foreign country but didn’t see any dates involved. Don’t want to commit unless I know I can make the time frame. When does it start and when are the ship dates? Thanks!!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Great question, Kim! Our 2024 swap season is just beginning! We have an entire year planned and the first one is beginning soon! Here is the schedule for each swap (each swap has a different theme). Shipping is due at the end of each swap month

      January: Mug Rug Swap
      March: Fabric Basket Swap
      May: Pillow Cover Swap
      June: Zippy Pouch Swap
      August: Mini Quilt Swap
      October: Soup Bowl Cozy Swap

      You can either purchase an individual ticket or the season pass. Here is a link to those: https://sewmuchmooreshop.com/search?type=product&q=swap

  3. Christy Hamby says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to my email for awhile. This sounds awesome!!
    Hopefully I can catch you on the next round.
    Happy quilting everyone!!

  4. Adriana Herrera Araya says:

    qué lástima que acabo de ver este blog… no tengo mucha experiencia. Pero me encanta el quilting. Lo hago a mano. Sería unirme al de marzo. Lindo día

  5. Hello, your work is so amazing…..you are a quilt scrap genius!! Would love to see your process!Thank you for sharing your work.

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