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Quilt Block Club – July Edition 2023

Welcome to the Quilt Block Club – July 2023 Edition! 

This month, we are thrilled to showcase the captivating and intricate Half Square Sunburst Quilt Pattern. Members of the Quilt Block Club have early access to exciting content, exclusive creative resources, and a vibrant community of quilting enthusiasts. Let’s dive into this month’s featured quilt pattern, interviews, and delightful clubhouse shares!

Featured Quilt Pattern + Video Course: Half Square Sunburst

Our centerpiece for July is the stunning Half Square Sunburst Quilt Pattern. Crafted with finesse, this mesmerizing design is sure to bring radiance to any space.

Members were treated to an exclusive first look at this month’s pattern release. This specially designed pattern caught the hearts of all our club members and sparked much discussion in our private clubhouse. Accompanying this pattern, a comprehensive step-by-step video course was also released. This course, tailor-made for the pattern, has been praised by both novice and experienced quilters for its clarity, pacing, and instructional value.

As always, our exclusive early releases are the privilege of our dedicated Quilt Block Club members. Member’s can access their pattern and video course right here.

Fabric Kit for the Half Square Sunburst

The Fabric Kit listing is for the fabric kit only. The Half Square Sunburst pattern is sold separately.

Choose from the following Fabric Kits to make the Half Square Sunburst quilt of your choice.

  • Patriotic (Abyss, Real Red & Rice Paper with Abyss binding)
  • Blushing Star (Raspberry, Petunia & White with Raspberry binding)
  • Enchanted Lagoon (Jade, French Blue & Rice Paper with French Blue Binding)
  • Amethyst Mist (Grape, Lavendar & Rice Paper with Grape binding)
  • Crimson Oak (Rosebud, Mahogany and Pale Pink with Mahogany binding)

Each kit contains the fabric for the quilt top & binding.  Backing and pattern sold separately.  All fabric is high quality 100% quilting cotton by PBS Fabrics called Painter’s Palette.

Helpful Notion Used for the Pattern: AccuQuilt HST Dies 

Creating precise half-square triangles (HSTs) is a breeze with AccuQuilt HST Dies. The AccuQuilt System offers enhanced precision, speed, and safety in cutting fabric for quilting. It ensures consistency in half square triangles, crucial for pattern accuracy. It also trims off ‘dog ears’ for easier sewing and less bulk. Moreover, AccuQuilt reduces fabric waste and physical strain, making quilting more efficient and enjoyable. If you are not familiar with using AccuQuilt and HST’s, be sure to check out THIS ARTICLE.

Explore the following links to find the ideal HST Die for making the Half Square Sunburst Quilt:

Guest Interview: Carolina Moore with Always Expect Moore 

We had the privilege of chatting with the talented Carolina Moore from Always Expect Moore. She shared her creative journey and the multiple channels she uses to educate and inspire the quilting and crafting community. Carolina Moore is an award-winning quilter, quilt pattern designer, author, and notion inventor. You may have seen her popular videos on YouTube as she shares sewing and quilting tips, tricks, and her favorite notions and tools. She is the inventor of the Spot on Dot, Boxed Bag Template, and Foundation Piecing Water Pen, and has published dozens of fun quilt and project patterns. Make sure to follow Carolina and subscribe to her informative Newsletter for endless creative insights!

Clubhouse Shares

Our Clubhouse is the heart of our Quilt Block Club, exclusively for members to share progress, seek advice, and revel in our private Quilty Community.

Scrappy Half Square Sunburst in meadow
Half Square Sunburst – Marcy’s Finished Top

This month, we hosted a Quilt-A-Long, where members were given weekly encouragement to make progress on their own quilt tops. The spirit of camaraderie and mutual support in the clubhouse was palpable. It was a wonderful experience seeing our members’ projects evolve, and we’re particularly proud to highlight a lovely scrappy version (pictured above) and the beautiful quilt completed by our member, Marcy. Fantastic job!

July 2023 Quilt Block Club Sponsor: Magic Quilting & Crafting Spray

We extend our gratitude to our generous sponsor, Magic Quilting & Crafting. Their collection caters to a variety of sewing and crafting projects, featuring the original Magic Premium Quilting & Crafting Spray in multiple sizes and spray deliveries. With their Iron Cleaner, Fabric Fresh mist, and Steamer Boost, your crafting toolkit will be equipped for every project imaginable!

If you are not familiar with this brand – I recommend you give it a try. I suggest you start with the trigger spray and let me know if you love it as much as I do! Go ahead and ask your local quilt shop to stock this for you or order it direct online! It’s my favorite!

As we conclude this edition of the Quilt Block Club, we invite you to embark on your creative journey with the Half Square Sunburst Quilt Pattern. Remember, the Clubhouse is buzzing with excitement and awaits your presence. Let’s continue to inspire and support each other in the art of quilting!

Happy quilting, everyone!

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