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New Quilt on the Block

Disclosure: I earn a commission for purchases made through the links in this article, at no additional cost to you.

It was during the Passport to Quilting Events that I first had the privilege of working alongside Jemima Flendt. Our shared passion for quilting made our association even more memorable. As someone deeply entrenched in the world of quilting, it’s not often that I am taken aback.

However, when Jemima launched her course, “New Quilt on the Block“, it was truly a game-changer. Watching the tremendous success she achieved in teaching budding quilters to craft their very first quilt was nothing short of inspirational. Jemima allowed me a peek behind the curtain and review her online course. And let me tell you, Jemima thought of *everything*.

Meet Jemima

As I mentioned, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Jemima during the Passport to Quilting Events, witnessing her expertise first-hand. She’s the creative force behind Tied with a Ribbon, known for modern designs that empower even novice quilters.

Beyond her design label, she’s penned three significant books: “Weekend Quilting”, “Quilt Big”, and “Quilt it, Crochet it”. Her passion doesn’t stop at writing; she’s an esteemed educator, conducting sought-after workshops both in Australia and internationally. Notably, her online course “New Quilt on the Block” underscores her dedication to guiding and inspiring quilting enthusiasts. Truly, Jemima is a beacon in the quilting community.

A Course Tailored for Success

The online realm is awash with quilting tutorials and DIY videos, so why did “New Quilt on the Block” stand out so prominently?

Beyond the basic mechanics of quilting, Jemima’s course stands out for its holistic approach. Her structured 6-week plan ensures that learners are not just going through the motions, but genuinely understanding the art of quilting – from the foundational skills of cutting and sewing to unveiling a beautifully finished quilt.

The blend of pre-recorded videos, comprehensive unit workbooks, beginner-friendly pattern instructions, and an interactive Facebook community makes for a seamless learning experience. Each element of the course is methodically designed to guide, support, and inspire.

Crafting Memories Beyond the Fabric

The true success of any course lies beyond its structure and content. It’s about the transformation it brings to its learners. “New Quilt on the Block” isn’t merely about creating a quilt; it’s about lighting the flame of a passion that can be cherished for a lifetime.

For anyone hesitating to embark on their quilting journey, taking a leaf out of Jemima’s course might be the push you need. The journey of crafting memories begins with a single stitch, and with “New Quilt on the Block“, you’re in the best hands to guide you through.

Jemima’s course opens in February 2024 and you don’t want to miss it. To learn more about “New Quilt on the Block“, click the button below!

Disclosure: I earn a commission for purchases made through the links in this article, at no additional cost to you.

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