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Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine

This year, my birthday present is this Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine!  I have been wanting this Juki model for many years.  So many of my sewing friends have RAVED about this machine, so I called up my local JUKI dealer to see if they had one in stock.  They had one in stock so I decided to give it a test drive.  Well, it only took me a couple of hours to decide that I had to have this machine for myself.  Let me tell you all about my new Juki TL-2010Q!

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Whenever I get something new, I want to jump right in.  I want to ignore the manual and the registration paperwork and just get to play with my new toy! That’s normal, right?   However, this time I had to reference the manual right from the beginning.  I needed to know how to load the bobbing and use the needle threader.  I also wanted to learn more about the automatic thread cutter and other great features this machine offers.  While I was reviewing the manual, I went ahead and got online to register my machine.  I felt all grown up and responsible!  And now for the fun part!  Let’s take a look at all the bells and whistles of my Juki TL2010Q.

Let’s dive into this bag of accessories!  This machine comes with four different feet: 1) Regular Pressing foot, 2) Adjustable Zipper foot, 3) Walking Foot, and 4) Free-Motion Quilting foot.  We will talk more about using this variety of sewing feet in a future post.  Be sure to check the bottom of this post for the list.

Installing the Extention Table

This machine comes standard with a knee lift and extension table.  I have grown used to and LOVE my knee lift on my Juki DU1181N.  I was so pleased to learn this machine has that option also.  You certainly don’t have to add this accessory if you don’t want to.  The extension table is an amazing offering with this machine.  The legs easily open and can adjust.  The extension table just slides right into place without any problems.

Winding the bobbin

Raise the support rod and set your thread onto the spool pin  Take your thread to the rod just above the spool.  Thread the bobbin winder guide.  Pass the thread through the hole of the bobbin.  Place the bobbin on the winding shaft there is a little metal notch you need to line up.  Press the bobbin presser.  Start winding the bobbin.  Trim the excessive thread.  This will stop automatically when it fills up.  Make sure the needle is in the up position. Open the slide plate and take out the bobbin case.  Put the bobbin into the bobbin case so that the bobbin runs clockwise.  Passing the thread through the slit of the bobbin case, continue passing it under the thread tension spring, and pull out the thread about 4 inches from the bobbin case.   Insert the bobbin case fully into the hook, and close the bobbin case latch. 

Threading the Machine

Pass the thread through the thread guide.  Pass the thread through the space between the two tension disks on the sub tension knob. Next, pass the thread through the clearance between the two thread tension disks on the thread tension dial.  Follow the diagram through the hooks and take-up lever.  Next, you will pass the thread through the hook, just above the needle threading mechanism and also the pig-tail hook on the needle bar.

Using the Needle Threader

Lower the presser foot and lower the needle threader lever.  Bring the needle to the top position.  Pass the needle thread from the opposite side to this side, and move the thread on the right-hand side until it comes in contact with the guide.  When the finger is taken off, the thread is caught in the hook and passed through the needle’s eye.  Magic!  Draw out the thread about 4 inches.

This machine also has an automatic thread trimmer, which is either activated by a touch of a button or tapping your heal on the foot pedal.  There is also a sewing speed control with speeds up to 1500 stitches per minute.  You can also set a “stop position for your needle”.  When you stop sewing, the machine will come to an accurate stop with the needle in the down position.

Watch the video

Sometimes, with a new machine – it can be difficult to know which thread to use for a certain material type or which needle to use for a particular thread.

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Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thank you so much for this video series on the Juki TL 2010q! I’m so excited to watch each video!😊 ….happy sewing!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      You’re welcome!

  2. Gwen Dowell says:

    That is the machine that I have. You are going to love it Nicole! i love the leg lift and the automatic cutter. It feels so cumbersome now when I have to use my Bernina for zigzag or fancy stitches.

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I kept my trusty Kenmore for zig zag and fancy stitches. I just hardly ever use those stitches – so Happy Birthday to me!

  3. Victoria Harman says:

    I have this machine that I use mostly for free motion quilting and ruler work. It has a wonderful stitch.

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I’m loving this too!

  4. I have a Brother machine that I swear is this machines near twin from the simple bobbin winding and installing, threader, thread cutter, knee lift,, extension table and reverse lever. I absolutely love it and also have my regular machine as back up for the fancy stuff.

    Looking forward to future videos!

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Awesome! How does your Brother do with thickness?

      1. Karen Leinbach says:

        I second exactly what Lisa said re her Brother. Everything I’ve seen re: your Juki is the same on the Brother PQ1500. Haven’t had any trouble at all w/thickness.

      2. Oh, me I so want a machine w/knee lift and thread cutter. I have to wait until stores open back up to try one. But I can hardly wait however the shop I use is a 5 hour round trip. Lookinf forwsrd to more videos about this machine. Happy Birthday!

  5. Audrey Fisher says:

    Happy Birthday!! and Happy Sewing and Quilting.

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      Thank you so much!

  6. Ella Rademacher says:

    I bought this machine a days ago,haven’t tried it out yet, I love to quilt,so many feet to purchase with this machine,plus ruler feet,love your web site

  7. Lynn cass says:

    Hi would this machine be good for back and forth to classes ? Is it a good lighter weight one?

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      This is a heavy duty machine and not lightweight. If you are taking a bag making class – I would recommend bringing it, but for quilting classes – I would recommend something more lightweight. I like taking my featherweight to classes and retreats!

  8. Kjersti Bruknapp says:

    I have bought a juki 2200qvp mini, and I have not got it yet. But I look at your video and fint it very good, And I hope I will see you used it with diffrent feet, an diffrent uses, quilting and how to use the setting i diffrent situations.

    I live in Norway, so my english is sot so good, but but. I will thank you for your instructive video.

  9. Shirley kerr says:

    Where abouts can i purchase a juki tl2910q in Britain

  10. Shirley Kerr says:

    Sorry ,its a TL2010Q

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I sent an inquiry thru juki.com and will let you know when I hear back.

  11. I have my heart set on the Haruka model for heavy quilted bags. Will the 2010 disappoint? My dealer isn’t a QVP dealer but she has a 2010 and 6 more due to arrive for the current promotion.

    1. Nicole Moore says:

      I love my 2010, but recommend the TL18QVP. It’s an overall better deal because of the micro lift and all the extra feet! You always order from a QVP dealer and have them ship it to you. Tell them that Nicole Moore says hello!

      1. Thank you! I really like my local dealer but. . .

        1. Nicole Moore says:

          I understand that you want to have your dealer be your servicing warranty provider. That will be a tough decision for you, but I’m sure you will make the right one!

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