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How to Book Me for Lectures and Workshops
Thanks for your interest in having me teach and/or lecture at your guild or shop. Please read the following questions and answers before you email as these should answer 90% of the questions I’m asked.

What does it cost to bring you to our event?
Your organization will be responsible for my teaching fees and travel expenses.
My 2024 teaching fees are:

  • Lectures (typically 45 minutes to one hour) – $400
  • One day of workshops (one 6-hour or two 3-hour workshops) – $750*
  • One 3-hour workshop – $400*
    • *number of student limits apply – inquire for specific info

I realize that travel costs can add up, so I do my best to keep them down by looking for good deals on airfare and lodging. I aim to find reasonable flight schedules and hotel accommodations that are affordable for you and allow for me to be rested to give you the best lectures and classes possible! The expenses for which your organization will be responsible are:

  • Airfare – the most reasonable flight, non-stop whenever possible
  • Baggage fees for one checked bag both ways
    (although when possible I would fly Southwest Airlines which doesn’t charge baggage fees)
  • Ground Transportation – either taxi, Uber or rental car to and from airports and events.
    When driving my own vehicle, I use the current IRS rates, at ‘x’ cents per mile.
  • Lodging – accommodation in a private hotel room of speaker’s choice.
  • Meals – I use the IRS average per diem for meals. These can be calculated on this website.

Will you be vending after the lecture or class?
Typically I vend at guild events but not at shop events. If a shop is hosting my event, then I prefer to sell to the Shop (wholesale), so they can benefit.

When is your next availability?
I pretty much booked for 2023. I am actively booking for 2024. I will also consider dates for 2025, but please note that 2025 rates may be more. It will save us all time if you are able to be specific with the details of your event. For example, it’s much easier to respond to “We’d like to book a lecture for the 3rd Thursday of the month sometime in 2023. Do you have any availability?” than it is to respond to “What’s your availability?” Please note that as a result of industry events and deadlines, I am rarely able to book travel for more than a single day in January, May, June, July, August or December.

What needs to be included in the contract?
Here’s a checklist of the information that must be included on the contract:

  1. Name, location, and number of members of the guild or organization
  2. Contact name and phone number
  3. Dates and start and finish times for all events
  4. Specific classes and/or lectures selected
  5. Venue(s) and address(es) of all workshops and lectures
  6. Clarification of who is in charge of booking lodging and flights
  7. Whether I can vend [Most guilds like for me to bring a selection of merchandise]

Will you please send information on fees, class and lecture options, supply lists, class photos and descriptions, bios of yourself, headshots, etc?
Most all of the information you need to book me, other than the dates, is found on this page, Lecture page or the Workshop page. Please note that the supply lists are in the descriptions of each class. You may use images related to classes from the website – simply click on the class photo and it will open up a high-resolution image in a new window. You can download and use that image. You can download a headshot of me right here, and a bio for me right here.