Boxy Pouch Sewing Tutorial

I love a good Boxy Pouch and this sewing tutorial is one of my favorite methods for making this fun and functional bag!  You can call this bag a dopp kit, shaving bag or even a makeup bag.  Whatever you choose to call it, make it in your favorite fabric and follow the tutorial below for an easy and fun sewing project.  These Boxy Pouches make great gifts are best sellers in craft booths too!  Let me show you how!

Materials List

Basic Sewing Supplies

Boxy Pouch Assembly

For this Boxy Pouch, I used a Foam Interfacing (instead of batting). The Foam interfacing really provides great structure to the Boxy Pouch. I also pieced a really fun fabric panel and also used rainbow coil zipper by the yard!

Which machine should I use?

It’s really nice to choose the machine for the different steps of assembly. I used my Juki TL2010Q (with my Grid Glider table mat) to attached the zipper to the panels and then I used my Juki DU1181N to install my pull tabs and handle. And all honesty, my Juki TL2010Q could’ve handled the entire job but since I have a choice I used both machines.

Make Your Own Boxy Pouch

I’ll just take my word for it, make your own boxing pouch! Watch the video link below and don’t forget to download your PDF pattern. My PDF pattern provide step-by-step instructions so you can make as many of these fun boxy patches as you’d like. Remember, you can get this pattern for free when you sign up for my weekly newsletter.

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Makeup and Shaving Bag Tutorial

Sewing Cotton Fabric on my Industrial Sewing Machine is definitely a MUST for my sewing business!  When I purchased my JUKI DU-1181N, I checked to make sure this machine was able to sew cotton, as well as the thicker fabrics.  Many folks told me that the DU-1181N was not meant for lightweight fabric, and they are correct!  I would not sew garments, undergarments or piece quilts with this machine.  However, I would recommend sewing cotton that is fused with interfacing or batting!  Since I make lots and lots of bags, that is exactly what I intended to do!  Check out my tutorial on how I create a makeup and shaving bag on my Industrial Sewing Machine!

Makeup and Shaving Bag Tutorial with YouTube Video Instructions

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Makeup & Shaving Bag SUPPLY LIST

Basic Sewing Supplies Needed

Makeup & Shaving Bag Assembly

MAKEUP & SHAVING BAG Tutorial with Video. Step by Step instructions

Step 1:  Align and clip your zipper, right side facing the right side of your first fabric panel.  Make sure your zipper head is facing the fabric.  Using your zipper foot attachment, sew the zipper to the panel.

Step 2:  Align your second panel to top of zipper tape and clip in place.  Sew your second fabric panel to the zipper tape.

Step 3:  Test your zipper to ensure the fabric is sewn away from the zipper teeth.

Step 4:  Place both fabric panels right sides together and clip the bottom raw edges so they are aligned at both sides and the bottom.  Sew the bottom edge together.

MAKEUP & SHAVING BAG Tutorial with Video. Step by Step instructions 2

Step 5:  Unzip your zipper about half way.  fold the sewn fabric panels so that the bottom seam is in the middle and the zipper is aligned on top of that.  Align and secure the raw edges together and insert the pull tab.

Step 6:  Repeat step 5 for the other side and sew the raw edges closed.

Step 7:  Taking your boxing template, draw cut lines on all four corners of the project.  Using your sharp fabric scissors (these are the BEST scissors) , cut out the corners.  Trim off the excess zipper tape.

Step 8:  Insert handle and prepare to close the boxed corners.

Makeup and Shaving Bag Tutorial with Video Instructions 3

Step 9:  Align the handle in the middle of the boxed corner.

Step 10:  Use clips to secure.  Repeat for the other end of the handle.

Step 11:  Sew these edges closed.  Make sure you back stitch at the beginning and end of each side.  It is also a good idea to backstitch the handle area as well since this is a high use area.

Step 12:  Repeat for the other side of the bag.  Turn your finished exterior bag right side out.

Makeup and Shaving Bag Tutorial with video instructions 4

Step 13:  Iron down the top edge of your interior fabric pieces.  This will be your “zipper side”.  Repeat steps 5-11 on this interior fabric.

Step 14:  Place your inside out interior bag inside of your right side out exterior bag.  Using clips, secure the “zipper edge” of your interior with the zipper tape of your exterior bag.  Make sure you leave room for the zipper to maneuver.

Step 15:  Following the existing seams, sew the lining bag to the exterior of the bag for both sides.  You will not be able to reach your machine all the way to the end of each side.  Be sure to backstitch.

Step 16:  Turn your bag inside out.  Hand stitch the remaining section of lining to the exterior of the bag.  Tack down each corner of the lining to the exterior so the lining does not shift around.  Turn your finished bag right side out and enjoy!  You can get these great suede zipper pull charms right here.  They work great on so many things!

Makeup & Shaving Bag video tutorial

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a video tutorial as well!  Check out my YouTube video which explains how to make my MakeUp and Shaving Bag!

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Happy Sewing!

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