Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block Tutorial

The Drunkard’s Path Quilt block is a fun and versatile quilt block!  While the Drunkards Path Quilt Block is a traditional block, you can use it in a variety of ways to make it modern! Many people shy away from the Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block because of the curved seam.  Don’t let that prevent you from trying this out yourself.  As you will see in my video below, I breakdown the construction and assembly of this quilt block and share some tips and tricks along the way.  All you need is a good pattern, a few tips, and some practice and you will be well on your way to loving the Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block.

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Assemble Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block

Mark your seam allowance on one of your pieces.  I have always found it useful to sew along a marked line.  When sewing curves, it is especially helpful!  I used a #2 pencil for this marking, but you can use a chalk pen, invisible ink or even a frixion pen if you wanted!

You can never have too many sewing pins when assembling the Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block!  Of course, this will force you to slow down as you take them out during the sewing process.  Luckily – this isn’t a race.  Take your time and do your best to sew around the curve while maintaining your 1/4″ seam allowance.

After you’ve sewn your block together, you can decide which way you want to press your seam.  I try to look at my next block and how these will come together.  Pressing seams so that you can eventually nest your seams should stay in the back of your mind.  Use a wool pressing mat and spray starch to help your block lay flat.

The amount of fabric needed will depend on the number of blocks and the size of blocks you make.  This pattern has 5 different sizes to choose from!

Check out this video to give you an idea of how to make the quilt block.  You will love how easy it is to make and want to make more!

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We would love to see your work! Until next time, Happy Quilting!

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Accuquilt Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block

Making an Accuquilt Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block looks more difficult than it really is.  Let me show you how simple these are to make, especially when using the Accuquilt cutting system!

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For this project, I used the Accuquilt Go Cutter, the 7-inch Drunkard’s Path Die and the 10” x 24” Accuquilt Mat.  I cut my fabric to fit the die pieces.  I am stacking several layers of fabric at a time as well.  Once you run your die through the cutter, simply remove the Accuquilt Mat and discard the bits of excess fabric.  

Sewing curves is easier than you might think!  Simply align the notches that the Accuquilt cutter made in your fabric and start pinning.  Begin by aligning and pinning the center notches.  I like to align each edge and pin along the way.  Sew a quarter-inch seam allowance along the curved edge.  When sewing the curved edge, it is important to take your time.  You shouldn’t need to stretch your fabric.  Just make adjustments along the way.  I like to use a stiletto.  It helps me keep the fabric where I want them to be.  Once the curve is sewn together, we can press our seam to the darkest fabric.

For this tutorial, I made 4 Drunkard’s Path units.  Each unit is pressed towards the darkest fabric to help the seams nest.  When joining the blocks together, it is important to NEST the seams.  I like to pin on each side of the seam nest.  If it helps you, I recommend making a sewing line to keep your quarter inch seam measurements accurate.  Once that seam is in place, then press the seam to the darkest fabric.  Repeat that step for the other block sets.

For the final seam, align the middle seam nest and pin on each side.  Do the same for both seam nests on either end as well.  I like to add a few more pins to keep the fabric in place.  Making a sewing line to ensure an accurate seam allowance is always a great idea!  Press the final seam open.

Be sure to watch my Video Tutorial and see just how easy it is when you use the Accuquilt cutting system to cut your fabric!


I think this block set turned out really great!  I just loved making these quilt blocks! What do you think?  Are you ready to make your own?

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Happy Quilting!

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