DIY Travel Pillow Cases

With warmer weather quickly approaching, now is a perfect time to make a few DIY Travel Pillow Cases!  This fun and easy method will allow you to make one for each person in your family.  They make great gifts too!  Let me show you how!

Make a Travel Sized Pillow Case! This fun and easy method is quick and simple! Perfect for the beginner! Let me show you how! #sewing #TravelPillowCase #PillowcaseTutorial #RoadTrips #FreePattern #GiftIdeas #Sew #ForKids #HowToMake #VideoTutorial #StepByStep #Easy #Simple #SpringBreak #SummerVacation #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore


Get your cutting measurements!

Option 1: Download for free.

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Option 2: Purchase this PDF pattern

Use this link to purchase the fabric cutting instructions. You’ll be emailed a download link for a file that references the instructions in this tutorial and provides the cutting measurements for this pattern.  You’ll also be able to download this file in my shop.

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Make a Travel Sized Pillow Case! This fun and easy method is quick and simple! Perfect for the beginner! Let me show you how! #sewing #TravelPillowCase #PillowcaseTutorial #RoadTrips #FreePattern #GiftIdeas #Sew #ForKids #HowToMake #VideoTutorial #StepByStep #Easy #Simple #SpringBreak #SummerVacation #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

Here are the materials you will need to make a Travel Pillow Case:

DIY Travel Pillow Case – Materials List
  • Free Pillow Case Pattern
  • Qty (1) 12” x 16” Pillow Form
  • ½ Yard of Fabric for your Main Print (*Royals Fabric)
    • I get most of my “sporty fabric” from THIS SHOP
  • ¼ Yard of Fabric for your Pillowcase Band (*Solid Blue)
  • 1/8 Yard of Fabric for your Pillowcase Trim (*Solid White)
DIY Travel Pillow Case – Basic Supplies
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread that coordinates your project (I use Aurifil 50 wt)
  • Sharp Fabric Scissors (I love these scissors)
  • Straight pins or wonder clips

Download my pattern for your cutting instructions and have a great time making your DIY Travel Pillow Case!  If you like video instructions; check out this video, which follows the same steps.  Please note that the video is showing you how to make a full sized pillow case.  The steps for the DIY Travel Pillow Case size are the same (just smaller).

Let me share a few pictures of some great group sewing events we had.  All the participants made their own DIY Travel Pillow Case!  Aren’t they fabulous??!?

Make a Travel Sized Pillow Case! This fun and easy method is quick and simple! Perfect for the beginner! Let me show you how! #sewing #TravelPillowCase #PillowcaseTutorial #RoadTrips #FreePattern #GiftIdeas #Sew #ForKids #HowToMake #VideoTutorial #StepByStep #Easy #Simple #SpringBreak #SummerVacation #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore


Make a Travel Sized Pillow Case! This fun and easy method is quick and simple! Perfect for the beginner! Let me show you how! #sewing #TravelPillowCase #PillowcaseTutorial #RoadTrips #FreePattern #GiftIdeas #Sew #ForKids #HowToMake #VideoTutorial #StepByStep #Easy #Simple #SpringBreak #SummerVacation #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

I hope you make lots and lots of these fun DIY Travel Pillow Cases!

Happy Sewing!


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Check out these step by step instructions to make your own lanyard. There is even a video tutorial! #forBeginners #Easy #lanyard #Wristlet #DIY #Sewing #ForGifts #Beginner #simple #Free #Fun #quick #Hip #Trendy #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore

Learn to Make a Lanyard

Lanyards are such a useful item to have and to make!  You can attach them to small wallets and hang around your neck (like the Kristine ID Wallet), or you can make a smaller version to use as a wristlet!  I have even seen many people use lanyards as a key chain!  Lanyards can make a fun and simple gift!  Teachers LOVE them!  One year, I gave all my kid’s teachers a lanyard and they were pleased as punch!

In this post, you will learn to make a lanyard, without having to use a Bias Tape Maker.  Let’s get started and don’t forget to watch the video too!

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Learn to make a Lanyard – Supplies List

  • Lanyard Fabric (I recommend 100% quilting cotton)
  • SF101 – Pellon Shapeflex (you can get this from Amazon or your local Quilt shop)
  • Thread (I recommend using a 40 wt thread)
  • 1/2″ Swivel Lobster Clasp (I buy a large pack because these make EXCELLENT gifts)

Learn to make a Lanyard – Tools Needed

Learn to make a Lanyard – instructions

  1. Cut Lanyard Fabric and Shapeflex to length  (2″ x  38″)
  2. Fuse the glue side (the bumpy side) of the Shapeflex to the wrong side of the Lanyard Fabric
    1. Be sure to leave a few inches at each end without any Shapeflex.  This will make it easier to sew together at the end.
  3. Fold and press the entire length of the fused Lanyard fabric in half (lengthwise) with wrong sides together.
  4. Open this fold and fold the long raw edged sides toward the middle crease and press.
  5. Straight stitch along the both edges (starting with the open side first).
  6. Insert lanyard tape through the Swivel Lobster Clasp Dring and sew both ends in place (enfolding all raw edges)

Sewing Tip!

  • Use a longer stitch length when sewing your lanyard tape together.  I use a 3.0 stitch length and it gives it a nice Top Stitch effect!
  • Use a thicker thread – I use Aurifil 40wt.

I created a YouTube tutorial to help you learn to make your own lanyard.  Enjoy!

I hope you learned a lot from this tutorial.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

I would love to know how you are going to use this technique in your next project.  Are you going to make these for yourself or maybe as gifts?  Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Sewing!

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Learn to sew Zipper Tabs. Step by step instructions and a video tutorial! #forBeginners #Easy #ForTheHome #DIY #Sewing #ForGifts #Beginner #simple #Free #Fun #quick #Hip #Trendy #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore
Learn to sew Zipper Tabs. Step by step instructions and a video tutorial! #forBeginners #Easy #ForTheHome #DIY #Sewing #ForGifts #Beginner #simple #Free #Fun #quick #Hip #Trendy #SewMuchMoore #SewMuchMooreInStore



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DIY Fabric Pennant Banners

I love to decorate my home!  Whether the decorations are store bought or handmade, there is a great amount of satisfaction in making my home beautiful.  Since being blessed with the love of sewing, I prefer to make my own home decor, if possible.  Making some DIY fabric pennant banners took my home decor to a whole new level!  I was able to create seasonal decor with ease, decorate for a birthday party and even have some swanky ambiance for our NYE celebration!  Once you try these DIY fabric pennant banners – you will want to make more and more!  Let me show you how it’s done!

DIY Fabric Pennant Banner Pinterest Pin 1

First – you need to get your FREE Pennant Template.  Click HERE and I will email this to you!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 🙂 Read my full disclosure policy here.

DIY Fabric Pennant Banner Supply List

Basic Sewing Supplies Needed

diy fabric pennant banner tutorial

Iron your fabrics nice and flat.  Print out your Pennant Template and lay this over a few pieces of fabric and cut these out.  Cut out as many pennants as you will need.  I love using Fat Quarter Bundles for this project because the fabrics are already coordinated!

Cut the fabric

Because these pennants are double-sided, you will decide which fabric will be on the front and on the back.  Place your cut fabric RST (right sides together) and sew along the 2 long sides of the triangle (leaving the short side open for turning).  Repeat this step for each pennant in your banner.

sew along dotted line

Next, you will turn each pennant right side out and get the tip of your pennant to a point.  I have found using a Purple Thang is the perfect tool to get these pesky points out!  Do this for each pennant and then press any wrinkles out.

turn pennant RSO

Once you have your pennants pressed out, you will take your Double Sided Bias Tape and situate this along the open raw edge of each pennant.  Enclose the raw edges with the bias tape.  Use pins or Wonder Clips to situate each pennant placement before you sew these in place.

clip bias tape to pennant

That’s it!  Easy Peasy!  

Even our cat, Sox, loved it!

NYE wall decor

This project is an easy sew and the perfect project to help take your home or party decor to the next level.  Most noteworthy is how you can make these banners for seasonal decorations and then pack them away for the next year.  Consider making these for a great Baby Shower gift!  Because these are so simple to make, you can even make these for graduation parties!  The possibilities are amazing!  Get your free Pennant Template and make DIY Fabric Pennant Banners today!

Happy Sewing!

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Ironing Board Makeover

This article contains affiliate links

Have you ever looked at your ironing board surface and thought – “Man, I really need to change the cover!!!”  Well, that is what I have been putting off for the past year.  It took a little embarrassment at a recent sewing weekend to finally motivate me to go ahead and switch out the cover.  The process was so easy, that I am really mad at myself for not doing this sooner!  It took me less than 20 MINUTES!!!  Yes – that was it!  I had to try an Ironing Board Makeover!

Fat Quarter Shop's Notion of the Month

Check out the video tutorial I made for you!

I know – you want one of those ironing boards!  One of my Guild sister’s husband handcrafts them.  While they are not interested in making boards to ship, I am looking for an online alternative to the one I have of my own.  If you know of a similar product, that you have and love – please comment with that info (and link) below!  I will send out an email to my subscribers once I found one that would be a similar product to my own.  Be sure to sign up for my emails so you will be the first to know!

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I first shared this process on Facebook and had many questions about the fabric and batting I used for the replacement cover.  You can use any fabric that you like.  I would only recommend a high quality 100% cotton fabric (the kind you get a quilt shop).  Sometime the fabrics that are offered at the big box stores are lower thread count and may even contain other fibers than cotton.  Remember that this surface will be getting HOT, so you want to make sure the fabric you use is of good quality.  The batting I used is a high quality, 100% cotton batting.  I know you saw that I was replacing a double layer with a single layer of batting, but the replacement batting I used is SUPER DUPER thick.  For your convenience, I am including these affiliate links of the materials I used to finish this makeover.

Click here for the Fabric

Click here for the batting

Also, if you want to get yourself an electric staple gun – they are available on Amazon.  They have the heavy duty manual kind as well.  Super easy!!  Just add it to your cart with your other items.

This project was very rewarding!  Since I use my side table ironing board everyday – I am getting to enjoy my new cover right away!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!  Let me know if you have any questions or other suggestions for recovering ironing boards.  I would love to hear from you!

Happy Sewing!


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Jelly Roll Quilt Race

On your mark, get set, SEW!!!!

This post contains affiliate links

Making a Jelly Roll Quilt Top is a great project to try!  Even if you are not a first time quilter, these projects are extremely rewarding and made very easy because of the pre-cut fabrics available to the masses.

What is a Jelly Roll?  Jelly Rolls are collections of 2 1/2″ x 42″ strips of fabric.  Jelly Rolls typically include 40 – 46 strips of fabric (but the number of strips can vary, so pay close attention to what you get). Other fabric manufacturers offer similar products such as Pops, Twice the Charm, Rolls, Roll Ups and Rolie Polies – you get the picture!  Below is a lovely Roll-Up by Kona for Robert Kaufman.  Who doesn’t love a rainbow?

Here is a picture of a Jelly Roll Quilt Top that I finished, while at a KCMQG sewing retreat.  I used some leftover Kona jelly roll strips and whipped this up in a few hours.  I have plans to rent some time on a Long-Arm and finish this up so it can be donated to The Linus Project.

One of the great things about a Jelly Roll Quilt Top is picking out the fabric!  There are several local quilt shops that carry quality Jelly Roll Fabrics.  If you don’t have a local quilt shop nearby, you can also get these online.  Here are a few of my favorite local shops and online resources for quality Jelly Rolls:

We had a really fun workshop and everyone finished a quilt top!  Yay!!!

Sewing together is such fun!  Get a group together and make an evening of sewing!   Here is a link to a video on how these can come together quickly!

Once you make your first Jelly Roll Quilt Top – you will want to make more!  The precut Jelly Rolls are a fun way to enjoy your favorite fabric line.  Check out this online class to discover all sorts of possibilities!

If you prefer patterns in either hard copy or book form, here are some excellent resources!

I would love to hear what projects you have made (or plan to make) using Jelly Rolls!  There are ‘sew’ many possibilities!!!

Until next time – Happy Sewing!



Sewing Classes – Which one is right for you or your student?

Whether you have a sewing machine that is tucked away in the closet or a machine you just received as a gift – using your machine may be an intimidating thought.  Sewing machines require threading, needle installation, tension adjustments and basic knowledge.  Fewer and fewer schools are teaching this basic skill.  This is where I can help!

I offer several sewing lesson options.  I have private and group lessons.  I can host your lesson or I can come to you.  We can work together to see what works best for your schedule.  Before you join a group class, you will want to master your own machine.  Can you easily thread your machine and load your bobbins?  Can you identify and understand your sewing attachments?  Here are a couple options that will get you started.

Private Lessons in your home

Based upon availability, I can come to your home and teach as much as you would like to learn.  All materials/supplies would be the responsibility of the student.  I will provide a materials/supply list, based upon the lesson.

Be sure to have your own machine and your owner’s manual.

Click HERE to find out more.

Private Lessons in my home

Based upon availability, I will host a private lesson in my home and will teach as much as you would like to learn.  All materials/supplies would be the responsibility of the student.  I will provide a materials/supply list, based upon the lesson.

Be sure to have your own machine and your owner’s manual.

Click HERE for more information.

Send me an email with questions.  I would love to help you in your sewing journey!

If you would like more information on upcoming Group Sewing Lessons, please visit my Events Page:

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to check out and follow my Pinterest Page for sewing and quilting inspiration.  There are tons of ideas, tutorials and inspiration.  Click HERE to visit my Pinterest Page.

Happy Sewing!


Hot Pads for the WIN!!!!

Over on my Facebook Page, we are cruising through the 12 Days of Christmas.  On Day nine, we learned about the materials needed to make this fantastic Hot Pad!.

These kitchen hot pads are a very practical gift.  I love it when practical meets awesome!  This fabric, from Jo-Ann’s, is a fun print for hot pads.  I could also see some aprons and even tea towels trimmed up with this print.

The materials I used for this quick and easy project are as follows:

  • (2) 10″ squares of exterior fabric
  • (1) 10″ square of Insul-Brite
  • (1) 10″ square of thick, cotton batting (like Quilter’s Dream Supreme)
  • 50″ of 2.5″ strip of binding (I cut mine on the bias)

I basted all the pieces together and did some straight line quilting with some coordinating thread.  Super quick and very easy!  I used a tutorial, which is pinned on my Pinterest Board, to help me with the hanging loop.

I am making a pair to give to my Mother-In-Law for Christmas and I made one to give away to my Newsletter Subscribers.  I announced the winner on my 10th Day of Christmas video.  How exciting!

If you haven’t subscribed to my Newsletters, you can do that HERE.  I don’t send out info very often, but when I do – I share information about upcoming classes, promotions and even coupons exclusive to my favorite folks!

Thanks for reading this post and don’t forget to leave your comments and share with your friends!  Happy Sewing!