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This listing will be available to purchase, starting at 7 pm CST on Friday, May 22nd.  There will only be one of these bundles available!

You don’t need a green thumb to bring your space to life with beautiful plants! Living Pattern brings her mastery of watercolor to fabric stores with Modern Botanicals. With over 150K Instagram followers, Living Pattern has built a reputation as a premier botanical artist and has partnered with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics to create a collection of fabrics for your quilting and home décor needs. These prints feature household favorites like bold monstera leaves, delicate succulents, lush ferns, and other tropical houseplants. Sew your own clothes with these patterns, or add them to cute DIY accessories like twist headbands and scrunchies! They look amazing on home décors like floor cushions, baskets, and curtains, too! The bold green and white color palette make these perfect to explore the monochromatic modern quilt trend or add a pop of rich detail in just the right spot.


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