Learning to Sew and Quilt

Learning to sew and quilt is a valuable skill!  Sewing has so many uses and there are different ways to do it!  One of the quickest ways to accomplish a sewing project is to sew with a sewing machine.  You can accomplish so many types of sewing projects with a sewing machine!  Home decor sewing, fashion/garment sewing, sewing for children/grandchildren, quilting, crafts, upcycling, and a lot of other sewing projects (I could go on and on).  It is certainly clear that sewing is a useful skill that is worth learning.

One the flip side, I also think there are many reasons people come to a terrifying halt when it comes to sewing. Things like threading a machine or winding a bobbin are just too much for them attempt (let alone to master).  They may feel like hyperventilating at the thought of inserting a zipper or making a buttonhole.  What happens with the bobbin runs out of thread or the needle breaks?  These are all very common reasons why people never learn to sew.

Well, I can promise you that the rewards of learning to sew outweigh the unfounded fears that cause people to shy away.  If you commit to learning the skill of sewing, you will find people who are more than willing to share their knowledge.  Take a class or sign up for a workshop today!

Private lessons

Learn to Sew

Based upon availability and your location, I can come to your home and teach as much as you would like to learn.  We can begin by exploring your sewing machine.  It is important to know how to thread your top thread and how to wind and use your bobbin.  We can also review your different stitch settings and practice some basic stitches.  Learning how to replace a needle and backstitching are also some basic skills we can cover in your private lesson.  Learning to Sew and Quilt is worth your time.  You will love it!

If you are a seasoned sewist, and would just prefer a private setting – we can chose a lesson that sounds fun and go from there.

Contact me to schedule your private lesson today!

Group lessons

Learn to sew with friends

I am located in the Northern Kansas City metroplex.  I host several sewing classes and quilting workshops almost every month!  You can find my upcoming events on my

Facebook Events Page.


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